my beautiful firefighter : part ii


I sat —

With my back to the firemen to make sure I could not accidentally make eye contact.

My friend Adri says I should not do this. Adri says I should smile. Adri is a good friend. She loves me and cannot imagine anyone on the planet not falling for my charms. All my girl friends are like that.

Me? I just hide.


Sometimes I wonder what I am hiding from.


:::my beautiful firefighter : part i:::
:::my beautiful firefighter : part ii:::


where the art work comes from :
that is from kittroid

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  1. petecrow

    well, this is so much more tasteful than a friend who, the other day, casually stuck out her foot and tripped a guy she was interested in while we were lunching …

  2. This is why you need a cat. You can train her to crawl up into a tree. Then you will have legit reason to stare.

    [You can borrow mine.]

  3. Stil has a great idea there.

    I can’t believe you turned your back and didn’t watch the fireman show and take photos of it with your cell phone. shame on you.

  4. Kitty just wants pictures, lol.

  5. max

    Pete you are making that up.

    Stil, you would pimp Pumpkin out for me? You are such a good friend.

    Michele, LOL

    Kitty, jeez, I cannot go around snapping covert photos of firefighters. The camera phone only takes an okay photo from a specific distance that would not be discreet.

  6. You can borrow my cell phone too. It takes great photos.

    Wow, I am so a great friend.

  7. max

    When you get here we will hit the coffee shop by the firehouse. You come in next week right?

  8. Yup. Tuesday. I can’t wait! Firehouse and Max! (Not in that particular order, mind you!)

  9. max

    What time are you coming in Tuesday? Do I have to do my student papers early? That is usually student papers day and that got us all messed up last time.

  10. petecrow

    Actually i’m not (making it up) — what she did (consciously, btw) is a variation of what Hunter Thompson claimed to do to a cop in his book Fear & Loathing in LasVegas. Thompson claimed to have taken a cop chasing him up an off ramp at 100 miles an hour, slammed on his brakes and after the cop’s (and his) near death experience rushed back expressing great concern “are you okay … ?” etc etc.

    In this case after tripping the guy in the restaurant, she hopped up, bent over him and shoveled nurturing concern on him “are you okay? did you hurt yourself?” etcetc — it seemed never to occur to him that she actually was the one who tripped him …

    Trip the guy Max.

    He may love you for it.

  11. Kym

    Shucks, I wish I lived closer! I’ve been practicing taking portraits and Firefighters are such interesting fellows.

  12. max

    I am not good at things like this Pete. Guilt would be all over my face and then I would laugh and blurt something out like, Sorry, but you were hot I had to get your attention, um, is that broken?

  13. max

    Kym I think you are due for a trip to L.A. Seriously. You need a girls’ vacation. It is for art damn it.

    [Kevin is going to take a hit out on me right?]

    [Also if I can get you down here I can totally shame Ben who is overdue into a visit and that is for family — art and family you cannot beat that combo.]

  14. Kym

    Well, I’m not bringing Ben with me. He does not appreciate firefighters for the same reasons I do.

  15. max

    Good point. Okay just you. [smile]

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