my beautiful firefighter : part i


There is a man —

I see sometimes in my neighborhood. The first time I saw him, he was walking towards me while I was walking towards my building’s steps. He is drop dead gorgeous. He smiled at me. I fled.

A few weeks later I saw him again. I thought, How odd. He must live in the neighborhood.

A week ago I went to meet up with a student for coffee at my favorite coffee shop. It is only blocks away so I can walk to it and they do not make the coffee too strong and they are quiet and have outside tables and the men who work there all recognize me and will pounce anyone who gives me grief. They also mock people who show up late. [That is especially funny to me, the coffee guy chiding someone who made me wait. “We were going to give her free coffee since you loser person were late.”]

The coffee shop is right on the corner by a firehouse. This day all the firemen were outside washing a firetruck. [Wow do not try that at home those firetrucks are huge.] I was walking up to the coffee house and there was the stranger. Wearing a firefighter T-shirt, talking with the firemen washing the truck.


:::my beautiful firefighter : part i:::
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  1. Drool.

    Years ago my parents owned a copy center which was about two block down from a firehouse. Every morning at 8:30am, the firefighters would jog past. All of them, gorgeous. For some odd reason I would always be willing to work a morning shift :-)

  2. max

    Now that is a happy childhood.

  3. I can’t think of a better way to spend the afternoon than watch firemen washing a firetruck.

    You lucky dog.

  4. max

    I should spend more daylight hours at this coffee shop.

  5. I would call firemen washing a firetruck pretty nice scenery.

  6. Kym

    Fireman and carpenters and maybe helicopter pilots–I’d walk a mile to see them, maybe two.

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  8. I love firemen, love them all. Every time I see truck no. 102 pass I get all giddy and excited. There is a cute guy on that truck who “rescued” me.

    At ten am on the dot there is always a fire truck down the street at my local Harris Teeter. But it’s never 102.

  9. max

    You know if any cops are reading this [waving at Drew] they are gnashing teeth and cursing firemen right now.

  10. It’s quite simple, really. Cops carry guns, firemen carry HOSES.

  11. max

    To me it is a mentality thing. One group is looking to catch you doing something wrong. The other is looking to help you out when you get in a jam. Me, I will take the guy who is thinking about how to get me out of trouble over the guy thinking up ways to get me in trouble.

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