my adorable pancreas





I am tired of all this nonsense
about beauty being only skin deep.
That is deep enough.
What do you want?
An adorable pancreas?


~Jean Kerr



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  1. Have you seen this?

    I originally saw this a few months ago. As a former photographer and Photoshop guru I can really appreciate it. I’m going to post it to my blog. It’s a good compliment to the “Doll Face” video that I recently posted.

  2. You’ve heard Weird Al’s song about his pancreas… right?

  3. By the way, when my oldest (now 18) was in elementary school, I told him “beauty is only skin deep,” to which he replied “Dad, that’s what all the ugly people say.”


  4. I’ve got it on good authority that my pancreas is gorgeous, it’s got its own Myspace page.

    Not really, but that would be hilarious hmm?

  5. The best part is the gravitational attraction that our pancreases (pancreasi?) exert on each other. That gives me some comfort in an otherwise crazy world.

  6. I bet your pancreas would be tasty with a nice Chianti….

  7. I think I’ll compose a tune on the “Pipes of Pancreas”

  8. max

    I post a pretty picture and a sentiment by Jean Kerr and that brings Weird Al Yankovich [did I spell that right?] to mind?

    How does this happen?

  9. Hey, is that your picture, Max?

  10. If so, I’d say you’re bigger than Kate Moss lol

  11. max

    Oh that is not me.

  12. Hey, Susan says you have to post one sexy pic up. You did see that on Susan, didn’t you? If not you must have missed it…

  13. Did ya even click the link and listen to the pancreas song?

  14. max

    Oh I did post a sexy pic, back in Feb I put the sassy brunette model days photo up for Janie’s birthday.

  15. max

    [that was no way to the song]

  16. [pounding head on table]

  17. max

    Firm you are very funny today.

  18. It’s a curse. I’m incredibly sexy and handsome on the 3rd day of every 5th month. The rest of the time, I’m hysterical.

    Sadly, this is not one of the sexy and handsome months.

  19. max

    It must be hard being a guy. Girls have all sorts of pretty in bottles and powders and we have petticoats and pretty shoes. You guys, you just shower and shave and then you have to go out into the world all bare faced and brave.

  20. max

    [you do shower and shave right?]

  21. Strangely enough, a good looking pancreas is number 23 on my list of things I look for in a woman. Right after “All fingers and toes in tact” and before “Ability to hum the theme music to Monty Python’s Flying Circus”.

  22. max

    I once fell mad cap in crush with a guy who could sing the entire Sir Robin song. Of course he had pretty eyes too.

  23. Max, I know you did, but, encore, encore!

    Tommy, you’re as difficult and complicated as that redheaded quiz girl!

  24. max

    Sheesh photos are sort of few and far between around here and sexy photos are almost non existent. I will see what I can hunt up but no promises.

  25. Difficult and complicated? MOI?

    How so?

  26. Ok, they don’t have to be sexy, Max. You will look cute any way you slice it!

    Tommy – I will hum that if you hum “What is Love” and do the head shake.

  27. I’ll raise.

    I’ll wear a shiny purple suit and black t-shirt while humming “what is love” along with the head bob.

    What you got!?

  28. “It must be hard being a guy. Girls have all sorts of pretty in bottles and powders and we have petticoats and pretty shoes. You guys, you just shower and shave and then you have to go out into the world all bare faced and brave.”

    I already look like I’m wearing makeup as it is. The last thing I need is for something to exaggerate my features even more.

  29. max

    Holy cats. Is that a tie? That seems so out of character.

    Wait. Ties. Hostages…

  30. Tommy, I got distracted. Hold on, let me think….

  31. It was a back to school theme night at the club we were going to: Boys in shirt and ties, ladies in catholic school girl uniforms.

    And no…I am not able to wear that tie anymore.

  32. Hey Tommy, did you steal that outfit from a scene in the movie? Seems vaguely familiar.

    Ok, I will fluff my hair to eighties perfection and don some leg warmers and dance around to She’s a Maniac on my balcony in broad daylight because there’s an office building right there.

  33. BTW, AJ, nice pic!

    Now where’s yours, Tommy?

  34. max

    I am mildly jealous of the recipient of that tie’s attentions.

  35. Of the recipient…? Who would that be?

  36. max

    The girl he tied up with that tie to make it unusable.

  37. I thought that you guys had seen this before I took it down. Here’s a link to it.

  38. max

    That is very funny Tommy.

  39. Oh my god, Max, I thought you said, “The girl he tied up to make unusable!” lol

    Hey Tommy, want to be a saint? I will pay for Max’s ticket, you pay for Valliant’s, let them meet halfway. What do you think?

  40. LMAO! TOMMY! You…….!

  41. And it’s all true, kinda, Max, that’s the funny part. She (I’ll call her Sarah with an H for you Max) said that she had a pretty kitty and asked if wanted to see it. I said sure, sent me pics and I got something a bit unexpected.

  42. max

    You would have to fed ex Valliant he has passport issues and I am probably on a list somewhere for those dog and cat sites if I leave the country they may not let me back in.

  43. It happens that my Zygomatic Arch is very hot and it IS skin deep so there…

    no I’m not going to tell you what it is… look it up- those who sneak off for smokes during biology classes will pay for it later in life


  44. max

    Tommy, all that time in the Navy and you did not know what was coming?

    Such an innocent.

  45. max

    Jeez, Anita, language! There might be kids watching, you frisky girl.

  46. “Hey Tommy, want to be a saint? I will pay for Max’s ticket, you pay for Valliant’s, let them meet halfway. What do you think?”

    I think they can handle the finances, but I’ll be willing to toss in a few ties from my collection.

  47. “Tommy, all that time in the Navy and you did not know what was coming?

    Such an innocent”

    Innocent? No way. I just wasn’t in the right mindset to put two and two together at the time. Which is kind of an odd thing to happen to me.

  48. You know…I’m wondering about these passport issues…looks like someone needs to be investigated here.

    Anita is frisky tonight. Full moon?

  49. You’re right Tommy. I need my lips plumped in a few weeks. Costly habit. You throw in the ties, I’ll throw in, um, well, um, um,

  50. You were one of those kids who snuck off for a smoke weren’t you! Ha, I knew it…

    Okay…a zygomatic arch are cheekbones-

  51. Hell, what does Max drink?

  52. Anita, I looked it up! Originally I thought it was a yoga move….

    Of course you have fantastic cheekbones! You’re half Asian, silly!

  53. Yep it’s a full moon- I’m going to call my friend at work tonight- he’s an emergency room nurse and he’s always got weird stories from the ER on nights like this.

    Frankly I’ll bet he’s been lieing to me all these years but they’re cool stories all the same.

  54. Yeah, being half Asian has it’s perks and awesome cheekbones are one of them.

  55. Are you going to post some of his stories?

    Now where did Max go? I know where she went…

  56. max

    Max drinks vodka.

    I could not sneak out on the forensic anthropologist, she was strict, I was figuring that was somewhere around the occipital… okay it was the spelling that always killed me in that class.

  57. She went where the wild things go. It is a full moon, right?

  58. “You know…I’m wondering about these passport issues…looks like someone needs to be investigated here.”

    I don’t actually have passport problems…I just don’t have a passport. I need to get my photo taken and my birth certificate replace as it is tattered, and I haven’t gotten around to yet.

  59. max

    My passport does not expire till 2009. Whew. I have time.

    What I notice about Asian women is they flat out do not age. That and they can wear white patent leather and it looks good on them. Damn. It.

    I must forage for food. Back momentarily. No playing with matches.

  60. Have passport will travel. Valliant, Max just landed at YOW.

  61. I thought that was YOW-ZA! Ok, sorry. Too much white wine. Even though we all profess to have preferences, sometimes, just about anything will do (I’m referring to the liquid refreshments, thank you).

    Max, true. When I went to get my passport, the lady at the post office said, “ARE YOU WITH YOUR PARENTS?” I kid you not. I love my passport photo.

    But here’s the thing about Asian “beauty.” We may look as though we suck a few veins at the witching hour, but, according to some close sources, Mother Nature exacts revenge against who I assume is Zeus [and his penchant for Asian women] by sucking our life force out in one night. Thus beware – the never withering flower devolves into the resident brothel Mama San.

  62. Dang… I go away for a few hours, and you people completely go to hell in a handbasket

  63. max

    What is YOW? [Am I going to look really stupid for asking that?]

    Stil, I worked with a woman I am pretty sure was sixty and she looked, at most, like she was around thirty-two. She would talk about stuff that made her for sure way up there. I could not ask her age so will never know but it had to be somewhere around there. That or she was immortal or something.

  64. She’s a demon, Max. Glad you avoided any topic involving her immortality. She would have lured you to Scientology. MUHAHAHA!

  65. max

    She could have been. She was a little scary.

  66. YOW Ottawa Airport, Canada ( no limo required Valliant) lol

  67. max

    What do you mean no limo?

    Jeez, sell me off like cheap goods why don’t you.

    I want a limo, I want flowers, and I want candy. So there.

  68. Car and driver is good but something with snow tires. Not your average Hollywood limo.

  69. max

    Snow tires are good. Four wheel drive. When does it stop snowing in Canada?

  70. I don’t know you would have to consider global warming…… but April showers brings May flowers worked when I lived in the North.

  71. max

    Does it get dark really early in Minnesota during the winter? In Seattle, it was pitch night by 4 pm in winter which was spooky to me.

  72. Zach was born across the sound from Seattle. Winter is spooky and then the sun is up until 9 pm in the summer and the kids just go go go …….. Minnesota gets dark early espcially in the north. I was in the south but it was dark by 5 sometimes even there.

  73. max

    Were you on Bainbridge? Or do you mean Vancouver?

    Yeah. Summer the light lasted forever. Winter? It was forever night. I had no idea there was going to be that big a difference in the light. It did not feel like it was that much further north.

  74. We were near Bainbridge, It would snow one place near the woods and then no snow in the town. It was weird.

  75. max

    Jen, it worries me you keep my hours. That cannot be healthy.

  76. Isn’t sleep overrated?

  77. But it’s ok for you?? LOL

  78. Am I keeping you up?

  79. Jennifer, I think you finally hit her limit. Bartender? Double-espressos all around!

  80. Hey, this is really weird, Max, but I just found out today that my uncle was in the hospital for two weeks with… a pancreatic infection.

    Guess his wasn’t so pretty.

  81. max

    That is okay Stil, he was pretty on the outside right?

    I have no idea what the pancreas does but when it is in trouble everyone is in trouble Loke got real sick with pancreatitis and it is serious and can be and often is fatal.

    Jen, I passed out on you last night. Sorry about that. I am a bad date.

  82. Max, watch the Weird Al video, but skip past the part of the gravitational attraction between two pancreases. He actually summarizes the biological function of the pancreas pretty accurately.

  83. For those not inclined to listen to lyrics…

    {snip doo wop beginning}

    Secreting those enzymes (bap bap bap)
    Secreting those hormones too
    Metabolizing carbohydrates
    Just for me

    {snip doo wop music and gravitational attaction stuff, which is accurately stated, but irrelevant to the function of the pancreas}

    Don’tcha you know you gotta
    Flow, flow, flow, pancreatic juice
    Flow, flow, into the deuodenum

    Flow, flow, flow, pancreatic juice
    Flow, flow, into the deuodenum

    Insulin, glucagon
    (Won’tcha flow, flow, flow, pancreatic juice)
    Comin’ from the islets of Langerhans…
    (Flow flow, into the deuodenum)


    Lipase, amylase, and tripsin
    [Insulin, glucagon]
    (Won’tcha flow, flow flow, pancreatic juice)
    They gonna help with our digestion
    [Comin’ from the islets of Langerhans…]
    (Flow flow, into the deuodenium)




    Can’t you see I love my pancreas


    All of the anatomical names are correct, as are the names of the secretions. Don’t you feel smarter now?

  84. max

    Firm, it is my god given biological imperitive as a girl perhaps too influenced by the Deep South who cannot iron to eschew all things Weird Al.

    I still love you though.

  85. Too much to eschew on?

    Sorry… it was a hanging curve ball.

    And I’m from the South too, so there.

  86. max

    If I think too hard I might realize that is a bad pun and even get it and have to do you violence. Fortunately for you my head is in a freak work place that precludes me understanding normal speach or mind sets. Help!

  87. max

    Oh also you can almost always tell when I am in this place because I start using words like “preclude” ahhh!

  88. Well, you kicked it off with “eschew,” and then moved to “preclude,” so I knew things were going downhill. “Freak work place”? Dang… give me directions. I need to find that place and get some stuff done.

  89. max

    Oh you fool. You know I am up to five syllables by now and it is only timing and my last string of will power saving you? Jeez. What a death wish.

    Though God I am glad someone is still talking it is my one step outside the box and the box is rough that escape is good.

  90. Well, at least you’re not being pedantic with me. That would be the fatal blow.

    As for stepping out of the box, I have “Think outside the box” written inside a box on my marker board. Nobody here seems to notice.

  91. max

    Firm, that is tragic.

  92. Hey, I think I have a comment in your spam box.

  93. max

    Oops, I will go see.

  94. max

    You are not in there. Vanessa said she was having trouble with posts not taking today too. Uh oh.

  95. I posted the day before yesterday that I had just gotten off the phone with my grandfather and he informed me that my uncle had been in the hospital for two weeks with a pancreatic infection….I thought it was strange considering this post…

  96. max

    I saw that post and responded to it, it is around here somewhere.

  97. I look at that picture and think of the beauty of art, and how a photo like this can describe all the beauty of a person, inside and out.

    Thank you so much!!


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