taking on susan

Drunken blogging night was a total success and now it is 2007 and my poor students are all going to get hangover reviews. [Oops. Sorry about that Stud…

January 1, 2007

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drunken blogging yay yay yay!

  Okay, since I have been too busy — Flirting up Trench Doc to go out and find myself a proper date for New Year’s Eve [hey there are not…

December 31, 2006

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fun with domestic violence

  The neighbors are having problems. Actually, it used to be “a” neighbor. She was a real nice girl. We would say hi in passing. Yesterday I …

December 30, 2006

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when men are not men

  This is hilarious to me. Someone has come up with an algorithm to determine whether you are male or female based on word patterns in writing. T…

December 29, 2006

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death by eggnog

  I am massively ill today. Maybe it was the two tall lattes. Maybe it was the three tall eggnogs. Hell, for all I know, it is bubonic plague. Me…

December 27, 2006

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annette’s whale

  There was this woman — Named Annette when I was little who was friends with my parents. She was very glamorous and dashing, and tall [or …

December 25, 2006

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screenwriter — hero of action

  In the way of most people who discover a new super power [wow, I am God, I can post a YouTube movie on the blog] I am about to go crazy with my…

December 24, 2006

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dare food

  You know just how hungry — People have been in the past by what it is they eat. People talk about the Irish famines? Come on, the Irish a…

December 24, 2006

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my whacky friends

  So I am having this convo with AJ and Kitty online last night and Kitty says she has this song I have to listen to for Christmas, and I say coo…

December 22, 2006

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jesus was a democrat

  Cripes. It is December 21. This means for sure I must face the fact Christmas is mere days away and can no longer linger in my more normal fugu…

December 21, 2006

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i’m still here

  I was going to– Write this big long preamble to this. I changed my mind. I’m Still Here What concerns me about “polite” rape …

December 18, 2006

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