Today I give thanks for food and shelter. I have done without both in my lifetime. And you see a lot of people doing without both in Hollywood.…

November 23, 2006

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the seagull

  Nine seagulls — Just showed up and did an aerial dance outside my window. Now they are doing fly bys in formation. It used to be I had on…

November 16, 2006

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she clicks, she scores

Cujo just slammed home second place on the Tetrizz Big Dog Board. Yay! Yay! Yay! 876,000 points. That is the second highest score of all time. Not eve…

November 13, 2006

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google this

  So I was visiting Pooks’ blog — And she has this thing on her blog that says her blog is worth tens of thousands of dollars and the…

November 11, 2006

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i hate the russian

  I hate the Russian. Every day I have to kill one to three new accounts he creates on the Seemaxrun forum. Every. Day. Day after day. Week after…

November 10, 2006

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jury duty

Oh. My. God. My agent is on jury duty. Don’t those bastards know my life ceases to exist when my agent is detained by jury duty? How many poor w…

November 7, 2006

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  I have finally — Discovered who is responsible for this drunken blogging frenzy. Faulkner. Yay! Okay, not really, really it appears to be…

November 5, 2006

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        Wait. I have just been informed drunken blogging night goes on all night. There is still hope.        …

November 5, 2006

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  I just was told — Tonight is drunken blogging night. And I am not drunk or blogging. And no one told me? Okay, I am blogging, and checkin…

November 5, 2006

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all hallow’s eve

  Tonight I know, truly, I am getting older. This is the first Halloween it has not been a goal to dress up and go out. Instead, I am at the comp…

November 1, 2006

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frosty beverages

  I am drinking — A frosty refreshing beverage chilled by a refrigerator. My refrigerator. Here where I live. I can just walk over there an…

October 28, 2006

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today i am a god

  Today I — Dropped new memory into the computer. Nifty, right? Except. It did not work. It took the whole computer down. So here I was thi…

October 21, 2006

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system terrors : part two

  Okay. I did it. I started — The god awful arduous process of updating the computer system. This is always bad news. I know that going in.…

October 5, 2006

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hore water

  I am too lazy — To post on my own blog so I am now stealing blogs from others. This is really funny to me. The photo looked better on a b…

September 30, 2006

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take that eponymous

    Okay I have to save that so when eponymous sees I made it back onto the big dog board and goes into a rage and beats me back down into m…

September 16, 2006

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send us your dogs

  So I am revamping the political sites. They got a little derailed back when my very nice but sort of out of his head on medication landlord sta…

September 13, 2006

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