music day


Let’s do a song today.



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  1. You got some good news didn’t you?


    That guitar is haunting in here. Just beautiful.

  2. max

    Naw I just really like that song.

  3. I knew it was Buckley before I even hit play!

    My spidey senses were right!

    Good stuff.

  4. I like that song too.

  5. was that recorded at sydney’s phoenician club? if so I was at that concert.

    do you like tim buckley’s music too max?

  6. max

    I do not really know Tim Buckley’s music. That would have been a great concert to be at but I am unsure where this is taken from.

  7. he mentions he woke up in australia two days ago at the beginning….

    Song to the Siren is my favourite tim buckley song. sweet surrender is pretty amazing too

  8. max

    I will look those up.

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