murder mayhem & the bride


So Ginny —

Was talking about arbitrary acts of violence and murder [Ginny has a dark side] but that does not happen all that often statistically if you are murdered odds are it is by someone who shares your last name. Fortunately for me I have totally so solved this dilemma I am just not changing my last name ever.


No murder for me.

[Well unless I marry Valliant. If I marry Valliant I have to change my name and that would complicate but Valliant is in EASTERN CANADA and hello NO PASSPORT.]

[Whew. Saved.]

That just leaves me with one person to watch out for. The only person in my family who shares my last name. My father. Hmm. Probably I should do something about him.


*pre-emptive strike is a legal defense right?


where the art work comes from :
that is nabbed from mcr’s i don’t love you

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  1. I recognized that art work. LOL.

    Adams is a popular last name. You have a lot of business to take care of.

  2. I’m only paranoid because they’re after me…

  3. I agree with Kit – there are a hella lot of Adams out there…

  4. Go ahead, get married. Because the “being murdered by someone with the same last name” thing could go both ways, right? I like to remind my husband (often) that I could jam an ice pick in his ear while he sleeps. “Could”, not “would”, but I like to keep him on his toes.

    “Ginny has a dark side”. FINALLY, the recognition I’ve craved… ;)

  5. kommoner

    Cynanide has a taste resembling almonds. Does that help?

    Ring a ding ding ring a ding ding ring a ding ding

  6. kommoner

    Oh and, interesting how you added ‘Romance’ as a tag

  7. *pre-emptive strike is a legal defense right?

    Well sure though I think the word best used in this case is “premeditated-”

    cough cough

  8. max

    Oh I see. Anita Marie will be appearing as a witness for the prosecution. Jeez.

  9. californiablogging

    I’ll take care of it for you Max. Just go get caught on tape somewhere.

  10. “Cynanide has a taste resembling almonds. ”

    Only the smell…and it’s easy to disguise.

  11. Kym

    I just want to know if your father had done something special to deserve this “ahem” tribute.

  12. max

    Well of course, he fathered me but this is a tribute to Ginny.

  13. I would never be a witness for the Prosecution…as if…I mean just send me a lifetime supply of gummy bears and Mums the word.

  14. max

    They told me blackmailers never stopped at just Pez but did I listen?

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