Moving Day

move day!

Move day is tomorrow.

Moves are NOT feng shui.

I’m going to miss these windows. The new place has pretty windows too though. I will show you after I get up and running there.

Also half my damn move is file boxes. Lots and lots and lots of files. Urk. It is time to roll up the rug and pack the TV and monitors too. Oh nos!

I knew a lawyer who converted all his files to scans. He was at if for months and months and months but ultimately he ended up with all electronic files instead of scads of file boxes. I think about that sometimes. Then I think, But, what about an electro magnetic pulse? What then, Max?

Probably in the aftermath of an electro magnetic pulse in San Antonio Texas, the last thing I would be worried about is files for the benefit of the IRS. But still, there is always that mild IRS worry when you are an artist and private contractor. I hear they don’t like artists.

Wish me luck tomorrow!

Your Cardboard is Not Feng Shui Adams Girl

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