mouse frenzy


computer mouseThe mouse has gone —

Berserk. I knew the mouse was on its last legs because it was kicking up dust over little things like highlighting text. I orderred a new mouse. A pretty cool mouse, or it looked like a pretty cool mouse. A “Mighty Mouse.” It was pretty. It was by Mac. It was wireless. Should be a good mouse, right?

No. Mighty Mouse required Blue Tooth, so I had to get that in addition to the mouse. [Bucks were adding up.] And then. The Mighty Mouse totally sucked and was about as operative as a pretty paper weight and every time I had to do real work I would have to unplug it and plug in the old mouse just to be able to scroll fast enough to feel like I was not pushing lead and to actually get work done.

Back to Mac for you Mighty Mouse.

Now though the little workhouse mouse [it is not pretty it is a Logitech wireless which means ugly ugly ugly but hey at least it worked like a ninja mouse for two solid years and it was cheap and did NOT require additional software] is gasping its last breath and messing with me big while I try to work by throwing highlights all over the page anywhere except where I want them. [This is true hell when you are trying to write anything of substance forget just dash off an email.]


I have to get a new mouse.

But what kind of mouse? It has to be wireless to work with the little PowerBook. But the freaking Mac mouse did not work.

I have to do it today too. I cannot work like this.

Technology. You cannot live with it and you cannot shoot it.


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  1. Dan

    Good luck with the mouse-hunt. I hate whenever I have to figure out what kind of fancy new dingus I need to buy. I’m a strictly analog guy in a terrible, horrible digital world.

    And you can shoot technology. You just have to make sure you kill it, otherwise technology will send Arnold Schwarzenegger (and later Robert Patrick) back in time to try and kill you. Just a heads up.

  2. max



    The Logitech mouse showed up [and is if anything most ghastly in appearance than the last Logitech mouse oh the humanity] and —


    Now I just sit on hold.

    It is a mouse conspiracy.

  3. max

    Wait. Tragedy averted. Logitech had the software on site for download so the mouse works. Jeez.

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