morning convos : max vs max


angel max : you should take your iron

demon max : i have to drink water if i take the iron

angel max : you should drink water and take your iron

demon max : i want a coke

angel max : you cannot drink a coke and take iron

demon max : exactly

angel max : flip a coin?

demon max : not while i am winning this fight


24 Responses to morning convos : max vs max

  1. I would suggest stuffing the iron pill in a bite sized chocolate candy bar thing. You could wash it down with milk, then you’d of course have to have more candy to get that milk taste out.

    Hmmm, does that make me demonish, or an angel?

    Milk has calcium…

  2. max

    It makes you high risk for anemia. Caffiene and calcium are iron blockers.

  3. Take the iron. [I hate drinking water myself]

  4. No Country for Iron Avoiders. Call it. Friend-o.

  5. angel JanieBelle: Tell max she should take her iron.
    demon JanieBelle: Tell max she should drink a rum and coke, then a few more, then go find a really nice looking stranger and boink ‘im (or her) ’til her face turns blue.
    angel JanieBelle: That course of action would be detrimental…
    demon JanieBelle: Shut it or I’m telling what you and Jesus were up to again last night.
    angel JanieBelle: Max, got any rum?

  6. Brut

    three ozs of clams oregano, a room temperature rioja, two or three courses of hot sex interspersed with cold vodka followed by a diet coke and a ciggy will provide more iron than the adult reauirement

  7. Kym

    If you drink your iron, I’ll drink mine.

  8. max

    Day before I had the coke, but this morning I drank the iron. Your turn, Kym.

    [Thank God for liquid iron, those pills make me sick as a dog.]

    Janie, no rum. Tragedy. [wink]

    Brut, I had no idea you were such a lothario.

  9. max

    [Wait, Brut, that is you trying to impress Janie, right?]

  10. Kym

    How can you betray me like this? First Christmas Wreaths, and now good angels winning?

    I counted on you to save me from my good self. Now I’ve drank the medicine. And it is nasty.

  11. max

    Lulu and Michele made me do it.

    You drinking Floradix?

  12. Kym

    Of course, I don’t like the stuff but it works better than pills.

  13. max

    Floradix is the best. It cracks me up one post has us both making faces and choking it down.

  14. I’m drinkin’, but it ain’t Floradix.

  15. Kym

    But are you choking it down and making faces, JanieBelle? That’s what shows real character.

  16. There are faces and a little choking, but it has nothing to do with the drinking.

    Does that count?

  17. max

    I hope you brought enough for the whole class Janie.

    [I so know better than to go there with Janie, I am just wicked today.]

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  19. “No Country for Iron Avoiders. Call it. Friend-o.”


    Max, why are you worried about the iron content in your body all of a sudden? Just curious.

  20. max

    Well it is not sudden. Once upon a time I was tragically hauled into an ER, diagnosed with anemia, and threatened with blood transfusions or death if I did not get the numbers up. I have been iron on task ever since.

  21. Well, then I certainly can’t blame you for being on top of it!

  22. That’s rough, Max. My cousin’s husband has the opposite–his iron accumulates and goes too high, and he has to get his blood drained.

    If my cousin was a vampire, they would have the perfect marriage.

  23. “My cousin’s husband has the opposite–his iron accumulates and goes too high, and he has to get his blood drained.”

    Now that’s freaky.

  24. max

    Too high iron is supposed to be really weird and make people hallucinate and turn yellow. Very weird.

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