morning conspiracy



waking iv by mansel daviesThis morning there was —

A total conspiracy against Max sleep. First I forgot to turn the sleep timer on on the TV last night and for some reason programmers think TV should be really loud in the morning [do morning people really like louder TV?, no wonder we do not get on] so BOOM! 8 am strikes and the TV jumps 2,000 decibles. Ahhh! Begin emergency bleary eyed search for remote control to silence the beast —

Whew! Found it.

I collapse back into bed.

Immediately the smoke alarm starts doing it’s “I have a low battery” beep. This is something that cannot be slept through. And involves hauling a ladder out of the closet to climb to rip the smoke detector from the wall, hoping I am ripping the right smoke detector from the wall.

This is not enough. That battery may be low, but not low enough, it is still beeping. So I commit emergency surgery on the smoke detector and rip out its inside battery and stash it in the pantry to quell its slowly dying beeps.

Silence yay!

I crawl back into bed.

Immediately there is some sort of S.W.A.T. frenzy [at 8 am, seriously?] and sirens go crazy outside. Multiple sirens. And keep going. And keep going. And keep going. Really nearby.

For an hour.

Some mornings you are just not meant to sleep.


where the art work comes from :
that is waking up 4 by mansel davies

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