more site revamp


black_hat_and_backless_dress_cbYou did not think —

It would just end with the book site, right?

It didn’t.

I revamped SeeMaxRun too.

That one was hard. Not because it was particularly hard to do the revamp work, but because there is so much history in SeeMaxRun. Years of my life were chronicled in pages and posts on that site. But, SeeMaxRun was created originally in 2000. The code is really old. The layout went through three overhauls and used tags and addresses from three different origins. As much as I love it, it was time.

I think it turned out real pretty.

:::go see:::


2 Responses to more site revamp

  1. Site looks great! Went through the reconstruct – you tear out some fur over doing that!

  2. Max

    A lot of fur. [smile]

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