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rabbit in top hatYes it is another magic trick.

I am teaching a Learning Annex class in June, July, and August on how the hell to survive the second act. And here you thought I just turned water into wine….

Screenwriters: Break Through the Second Act Stall
With Hollywood Screenwriter and Author Max Adams

There you are writing your screenplay. You’ve read the books. You’ve taken
the classes. You’ve learned the game. Now, you are barreling along,
creating a masterpiece that is surely headed for Oscar stardom, when… you
hit the second act and the story comes to a standstill. What just happened?

It’s known as “the second act stall” and if you’ve ever met this monster
while writing a screenplay, you need this class.

Award-winning screenwriter and published author Max Adams will demystify
the screenplay’s second act and show you why sustaining a single act through
sixty pages does not work. Come learn how to conquer the “stall” and get on
your way back to a solid script that can sell.

Max will cover how to:

•Break Act II into manageable sections
•Sustain dramatic tension
•Escalate turning points
•Raise story stakes
•Create climactic breaks
•And more

Max Adams is a recipient of the prestigious Nicholl Fellowship in
Screenwriting from The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, and has
worked with Columbia Pictures, Hollywood Pictures, Touchstone, Universal,
Tri-Star and Disney. Produced films include Excess Baggage, starring Alicia
Silverstone (credited), and the 2004 adaptation of The Ladykillers, starring
Tom Hanks (uncredited). She has taught/lectured at USC, the Austin Film
Festival, the Film Arts Foundation, Gotham Writers’ Workshop, and the New
York Film Academy, and has served as a WGA mentor and a Nicholl Fellowship
Judge and Reader. She is the author of “The Screenwriters’ Survival Guide:
Or, Guerrilla Meeting Tactics and Other Acts of War.”

Course 479P

Sec. A, June 28, 2006 6:45-9:30 pm
Sec. B, July 31, 2006 6:45-9:30 pm
Sec. C, August 29, 2006 6:45-9:30 pm

Members online fee $39.99 | Online fee $44
Members course fee $44 | Course fee $49

For locations [which I am hoping like hell are in Hollywood if not they will probably be in Santa Monica, wow, wide spread] and sign up info visit or call 310.476.6677


where the art work comes from :
that is magician’s rabbit in hat by kent dufault

3 Responses to more magic tricks

  1. Max,

    The Learning Annex currently lists the location as “Westside.” I presume this is Santa Monica? Is there a specific address?? Thanx.

  2. max

    Hmm. “Westside” sounds kind of ominous. Like, not Hollywood. Oh well. No one has given me an address yet Chris so you are better informed than I am. I will post it when I get it though.

  3. max

    I am sorry I am late getting back to this. Classes are in Santa Monica. You cannot get into Class A, but B and C are open. Contact Learning Annex for the specific address.

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