more help for the seduction impaired


waking ii by mansel daviesSo roaming the net I accidentally found —

A.J. Valliant Answers : How Do I Make the Ladies Love Me?

[Okay not really. Really I was looking for the guy’s mailing address which rumor has it is all over that site but it is not findable enough I can dig it out — happy birthday anyway Valliant sorry no card.]

This looked like even better advice [maybe] than stabbing yourself repeatedly in the neck with a syringe [maybe] so to bulk up on my karmic points I pass on two salient points :

One sided wooing is creepy, unappealing, and way more work than is necessary.

Don’t gush or provide excessive uncritical praise…. Having genuine insight and awareness of a person is far more attractive than pronouncements of how awesome they are.

There is also allegedly a Part II but if you need this assistance you should probably work it through in small bites and start with Part I.


where the art work comes from :
that is waking up 2 by mansel davies

[you will not find the waking photos on his
commercial site though you will find them

24 Responses to more help for the seduction impaired

  1. Man… I had forgotten all about that. Part 2 was all about the seduction, relaxing and enjoying the early stages, and knowing when to break up before it gets toxic. I got bored though and never finished.

    (I’ll email you address when I get home…I need to check my mail to figure it out.)

  2. max

    You. Got. Bored. With. The. Seduction?
    Jeez, Valliant, want me to erase that? That could really mess with your alpha cred points.

  3. Bored with talking about it…

  4. max

    Oh well that is different.


    You might survive the hit.

  5. max

    Wait. What do you do when you are not “talking about it”?

  6. This Book isn’t bad either…

  7. @AJ
    but what about all your pathetic readers (read as *me*) desperately awaiting the next installment to drag us (*me*)out of the dark realm of dorkiness and mold us (*me*) into the uber-seducer we (*i*) were (*was*) born to be?!

    (okay, well, maybe not *born* to be or else we (*i*) wouldn’t need the lesson, but dude, it was a bloody good read . . . you should continue with the bloody goodness)

  8. Mailing address

    AJ Valliant
    5- 408 Albert street
    Ottawa, On
    K1R 5B2

  9. Brah: I’ll see what I can do.

  10. max

    Nice email. Should I leave that up for the whole world to see or take it down so the belligerant checked shirt man does not use it to track you down?

  11. Keep it up.
    I’m not real shy, and there’s not too many internet folk that I’m worried about getting rowdy.

    Anyone who wants to mail me non explosive packages is more than welcome.

  12. max

    Why did you post it instead of emailing it?

  13. AJ, that is bizarre. I was in Ottawa on Albert Street and I musta walked right by you. I’m quite certain you know relatives of mine: we’re like the Osmonds in Salt Lake City, everybody is a relative.

    Also, you need a book deal, stat. Guys might never buy the book but a helluva lotta women would, and give it as gifts to their seduction-impaired mates.

  14. See, it’s fate. I’m supposed to set him up with one of my cousins now or something. He seems like a smart fellow, though, and that sorta rules out getting along with most of my cousins.

  15. “we’re like the Osmonds in Salt Lake City, everybody is a relative.”

    You’re a troop of singing mormons? That’s pretty sweet.

  16. max

    “See, it’s fate. I’m supposed to set him up with one of my cousins now or something.”

    That is not fate. That is taunting the geographically impaired.

  17. These Candians are too friendly. BTW, I have Raincoaster’s address. We should hook those two up.

  18. Oh I so did not mean to say that. I’m sorry.

    I meant Canadian.

    It’s AJ’s birthday? Please don’t tell me he’s a Gemini. I thought he was a fellow Cancer. Such as Raincoaster. Such as I.

    Well that puts a different perspective on things.


  19. max

    Not yet but it takes mail a while to get to Canada.

    When is your birthday, Stil? It should be coming up here soon too.

  20. June 29 baby! June 29!

    All gift of love can be sent to – oh never mind – I’m not stealthy enough to have a PO Box but it’s sounding more and more like a great idea these days.

  21. max

    June will be the birthday month around here.

  22. Lots of lovin’ goes on around the fall time.

  23. BTW, I find it hard to believe you “accidentally found” anything on boy AJ’s site lol

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