more fun with domestic violence


Great. The guy who likes to curse and yell at girls is now at war with the guy who likes to have construction going all hours of the day and night. At 12:30 a.m. they were duking it out in the hall. This is because the new guy was still hammering at 12:30 a.m. They quit and went back to their apartments in surly silence. Now they are back at it and screaming and cursing at each other. This is ludicrous. It is 3 a.m. I do not need to be listening to two large men hurling epitaphs at each other at 3 a.m. Let alone fisting it up in the hall outside my door.

Time to call the cops. Again.



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  1. Wow. What a great place you live in. I’d be tempted to say that it only exists in the movies. That’d be nice, though; you could then give them a different script.

  2. max

    It has gone very downhill very fast. I talked to the manager this morning. Someone is going to get relocated. But, that is a legal process that takes time and I will be stuck with them both while that plays out and I bet new guy is going to fight, having invested a lot in some sort of reconstruction project. And they are both going to be hating me because I busted them both last night — and abusive guy twice now to the cops AND this morning removed any illusions he might be playing up to building management that he is an innocent victim here. He is so not an innocent victim he is an abusive vile man with a violent temper and foul mouth I have had to listen to raging on the other side of my wall and door too many times now. Gads.

  3. Try to be careful with these guys – especially abusive guy he could get nasty.

    When we lived in NYC, there was a couple we used to hear fight through the walls all the time. The man was a Frenchman, Jean Claude, who worked hat-check at some club, and stayed out all hours. And each time his wife Judy asked him why he goes out with other women, Jean Claude would say – “Judy, Judy. I am a lov-aire.”

  4. max

    Hmm Jean Claude’s English is not very good someone needs to teach him how to pronounce cheating whoredog man slut correctly he does not have it right yet.

  5. I wonder how you say that in French.

    He is probably dead from AIDS by now.

  6. aj

    You should remove the “dog” from that description. They deserve better.

  7. max

    You are right. The dog part is struck.

  8. Good call on the dog thing.

    And good for you for calling the cops instead of going out there and getting caught up in the violence.

  9. max

    No way am I stepping into that festival of psycho-ness. That is bad drama. And that guy next door? That guy belongs in a psych ward.

  10. I would tape record all of them, put it on the net, and slip an invitation under the door with the website attached. Done anonymously, of course. I’d hate to see a MAX GOT SUCKER PUNCHED post in the future.

    I am a Love-aire? Oh please. My boyfriend says, “I am Ital-ian.” These guy – always an excuse for everything!

    (I suppose when I get angry and kick him in the shin, I could just flash an impish grin and say, “I am wo-man.” That pretty much explains it all).

  11. max

    My well meaning but completely inept apartment manager was allegedly going to do a sound check today [what will that accomplish I wonder?, like they are going to not fake their sound levels?] and then I get email that had to be rescheduled for Monday she hopes that will be okay. No it is not okay. Monday is my day they do not get to mar my day with their drama. They mar enough of my days with their drama. Jeesh.

  12. No doubt.

    Well, if she’s not going to be around, take advantage of it – blast your music to the high heavens! Yay!

  13. max

    If I blasted music loud enough to cover this guy’s noise my ears would be bleeding.

    He is so not a nice man.

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