more fun with personals


Another favorite —

From a personal ad :

Generally, all I’m really looking for is someone who, when I drift off to sleep during a breezy summer picnic in Central Park, won’t try to pile up little chunks of cheese on my head to attract squirrels.


*i am pretty sure i would have to go with the cheese i am just like that


where the art work comes from :
that is by nude munich

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  1. Max, I am too distracted by this picture to comment.

    Cheese, squirrel, WHAT?

  2. Seriously though, somebody who writes that clearly has a sense of humor. And if that’s all they’re looking for they must be low maintenance. Or desperate.

  3. max

    Isn’t it a great photo? My pulse has been elevated ever since I visited that photographer’s photo page.

    That guy’s personal was pretty funny.

  4. His photography IS amazing! I looked through all of it!

    Did that guy’s personal happen to come with…a pic?

  5. max

    It did. He is a nice looking man and very entertaining and also lives in New York. Hey, you live close to New York. How are you with cheese?

  6. californiablogging

    I am very responsible with cheese I wonder if he’d relocate? : )

  7. max

    “Responsible with cheese” really belongs on more resumé’s.

  8. Cheese is protein. The squirrel wouldn’t have a chance.

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