more flying penguins


Speaking of flying penguins, this was pretty funny to me.

[Yeah, I know, I should post something meaningful here soon — wait what am I saying? Flying penguins are totally meaningful.]




5 Responses to more flying penguins

  1. The production values on that were amazing! Was this Lucasfilm?

  2. max

    Oh Lucasfilm is so over, this is the new standard.

  3. Dan

    I KNEW it! See, you all thought I was mad…mad, you thought. The penguins will attack by air and by sea. The bunnies shall be their infantry. Oh, humanity will fall under the crushing wave of the tiny, tuxedoed terror.

  4. I heard Matt Damon was up for the lead part…

  5. max

    The Navy will be the first to go for sure.

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