monkeys and bananas


two monkeysI heard this story —

About a research project with monkeys. All the monkeys lived in a lab and in cages which is probably not a real fun place for monkeys to live but they were research monkeys so that is the breaks for those monkeys. I do not remember the parameters of the social experiments they were doing on the monkeys either so I am not a good researcher [oh no] but here is how it worked —

The monkeys really liked bananas. [Apparently this is not made up fiction banana monkey love for cartoons monkeys really do like bananas.] And the researchers were doing some sort of study about resources so they would give the monkeys bananas but only once in a while.

All the girl monkeys would get really happy and eat their bananas right up.

All the boy monkeys would save their bananas and then when the girl monkeys’ bananas were all gone, would try to trade bananas for sexual favors.


I have no idea if this story is made up and I also think those researchers were maybe a little jaded maybe those boy monkeys were not trying to use those bananas as currency for sexual favors maybe they were just being romantic.

But the story cracked me up.


where the art work comes from :
that is from himatic

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  1. Dan

    First of all…great story. I love me some monkeys.

    Secondly, I think I’m going to assume that the boy monkeys were just being romantic. I’m a sap like that, I guess.

  2. petecrow

    During my (very brief) time piloting Disney Monorails in Florida (think here in terms of hours, not days or fer crissake weeks), I watched the very bored other Monorail pilots at EPCOT feed bread to birds each morning while waiting to power up the system. All of the birds, save one, would wolf the bread down and raise a ruckus for more. One bird, however, instead disappeared with his (her?) bread into the woods. No one else seemed curious, but I was. The bird would walk through the woods to a retention pond, throw the bread into the lake and when a fish grabbed the bread, the bird would grab the fish. I considered this bird an Einstein of the bird set.

  3. Dan

    See, I’ve always believed that many animals are smarter than we give them credit for being (and most humans are far dumber than we could possibly imagine).

    And, anyone who’s worked at any Disney park for even a minute should automatically be canonized. My metaphoric hat is off to you.

  4. Kym

    I think the girl monkeys should hold out for chocolate.

  5. max

    Oh see how smart you are? If you were a researcher you would have given those monkeys chocolate and gotten all the answers.

  6. max

    [by the way i cannot even imagine you working at an amusement park pete there is no way]

  7. youdontcarewhoyouhurt

    I wonder if the male monkeys with the biggest bananas got the biggest babes.

  8. petecrow

    gawd … to admit i actually did this –but i used an assumed name so they’ll never be able to find me: — greg beal.

    Tinker Bell (a 32 year old housewife paid by ‘the fly’) and The Fairy Godmother (an ex-Cincinnati Bengals cheerleader who got her wand confiscated when she damn near turned a kid into a toad) became my friends.

    Wait … that doesn’t help, does it.

  9. max

    Have you told Greg about this? Or will it be a surprise when Tinkerbell and the Bengal show?

  10. Oh my god, would you believe me if I told you I am eating a banana at this exact moment? I almost choked on it reading this story.


  11. PS No Kym wouldn’t. She would have eaten all that chocolate.

    Bad researcher, bad.

  12. If the male monkeys were real smart they would melt the chocolate, dip the bananas in it, make chocolate covered bananas, and try to get two for one. But since they are male that might be too much thinking on their part.

  13. max

    You know any monkey who puts that much planning into it is one dangerously suave monkey.

  14. petecrow

    ummm … I might have overlooked mentioning this to Greg. Won’t he investigate it when he gets his 401k pension statement from Disney for 14-cents?

  15. If the girl monkeys had been really smart, they would have used the bananas as dildos instead of eating them, thus robbing the boy monkeys of their bargaining power.

  16. max

    I bet you spent a lot of time in the principal’s office.

  17. Oh, c’mon. Like you haven’t found creative uses for produce.

  18. max

    Um, no. If it is at home on a compost heap, it does not belong in certain areas of my body. Jeez.

  19. Kym

    You tell him. I’ve been looking at the banana/dildo comment and thinking “even if he wasn’t called David and even if he didn’t have a male avatar, I’d know what sex he was.” There aren’t many women into bananas.

  20. max

    Well it was a tough one to figure out. [wink]

  21. All I can think of is – what a waste of potassium.

  22. max

    It is about time I saw your face. You have got to stop letting relatives use the computer that never goes well and I miss you when you are gone.

  23. Yes, but you have to factor in the entertainment value…

    I miss you guys too. Computer will be fixed…on the TENTH of April!

  24. max

    The TENTH?

    You have got to be kidding.

  25. I’m switching to Verizon Fios.

    Howeve, my connection is now back! My nephew fixed it!

  26. max

    Good job Nephew Guy. Yay!

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