moments in history when nerds thought they were cool


white wineAlanis has really —

Been taking a beating. For a long long long long LONG time.

Apparently everyone under the sun wants to re-define ironic.

Okay nerdlets, redefine it.


[It makes me minorly unhinged to hear alleged mensa members arguing over whether a black fly in white wine is ironic.]


where the art work comes from :
that is b&w wine from mahadewi

14 Responses to moments in history when nerds thought they were cool

  1. Maybe it’s just that mensa is ironic.

  2. max

    You are so smart. That is hilarious.

  3. Maybe they should just take a jagged little suppository.

  4. conundrum

    Nerdlets – A new word to me and I love it *snicker*

    Oh those mensa people – maybe they confuse ‘contrast’ with ironic. Maybe they just can’t comprehend subtleties.

  5. max

    Well, I have friends who are members of Mensa so do not be too mean.

    I am kind of disdainful so it is my fault going in though. Bad me.

  6. You know what I hate math.
    I hate everything about it.
    But the people who are good at math?
    I pity them.
    Okay…I’ll go away.

  7. Brut

    A black fly in white wine is not ironic… it’s thirsty. Duh

  8. Geez, I don’t know what’s wrong with me–I’m slipping. I should have seen the obvious conclusion that actually the fly in the Chardonnay was actually one of the guys I laughed at from the previous days post at the AA meeting, who was so despondent about having the social worker crack up after his vulnerable moment that we went off the wagon, and fell back into the bottle.

    Mensa indeed.

  9. max

    Well do not free for all on AA here the cartoon is funny but my dad is in AA.

  10. I was actually cracking on myself, and my disillusioned, cynicism.

    AA, as well as NA, has helped or actually saved a lot of people. I just find the whole realm of addiction frustrating, and never liked working in that area. I also had an alcoholic/addict ex who tried to kill me, hence some of the cynicim regarding addiction.

  11. max

    “I also had an alcoholic/addict ex who tried to kill me”

    Oh cool we will put him in the wine.

  12. What’s really ironic is that Alanis Morissette has pretentions to intellectualism when she was the Debbie Gibson/Miley Cyrus of Canada. I still remember her bubblegum-popping, Eighties hair videos from my teen years.

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