missing vera


To become a US citizen, you are required to renounce your citizenship of birth.

To say, “I no longer love my country of birth or have any allegiance to that country at all.”

I think that’s kind of fucked up.

So did my mother-in-law.



[I was married to Swedes for a time.]



Vera lived in the United States for fifty years. From the time she was hauled over here as a young mother and bride — to the day she died.



Vera is the smartest woman I ever met.

Vera did the New York Times crossword puzzle every Sunday morning.

For fun and relaxation.

In her third language.

[She spoke seven.]

In under an hour.



[Okay actually a half hour but that just pisses me off so I’m trying to downplay that.]



[Okay actually Vera spoke nine languages, but Vera didn’t count languages Vera couldn’t rap in as “fluent.”]



[I can’t do that fucking New York Times crossword puzzle in a week.]



Vera could not vote in a US election because she would not renounce Sweden.



I lost Vera when I divorced her son.

She never forgave me for that.



I get that.

Vera never renounced Sweden.

How could she forgive me for renouncing her son?



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  1. This is awesome and sad on too many levels.

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