miss adams

Miss Adams will not be posting today she has a hangover.

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  1. Well…I guess that answers my question about how the big day went ;-)

  2. max

    I forgot red wine does this. I do not drink it too often because it stains teeth so it is just for special occassions. Oops.

  3. aj

    You watch her blame the pig for this.

  4. max

    Hey, it was the pig that said go ahead, have that third glass, what could it hurt?

  5. aj

    See? Give her two minutes and she is taking out her irresponsible behaviour on a small innocent pig.

  6. max

    Small? Innocent? That pig beat me arm wrestling.

    [you have to read all prettied up to keep up anita]

  7. Happy belated birthday, Max. I have been AWOL from blogs for a couple of weeks, or I would have wished you happiness and a wonderful coming year yesterday!

  8. Sophia

    This is funny cause I always thought “not posting” actually means “not posting”. But then again, it’s Max we’re talking about. You just never know.

  9. She seems to have a sassy hangover. But of course she does. Our Max would never have a garden variety pukey hangover.

  10. max

    Certainly not. Jeez. I have standards.

  11. So Max, am I missing something, or, what did you do on your birthday night? No details?!?

  12. max

    I was totally lazy. I was supposed to be having people over for drinks on the roof but it got freaking cold and I cancelled and just goofed off some.

  13. Goofed off some? Hmmm, what does that mean?

  14. max

    Drank red wine, watched pretty men in season episodes of frisky doctor shows, cut up in chat, played too much tetrizz.

  15. Girl, I’m going to have to fly out there and drag your butt to a club. We can drink mimosas on the roof of some pretentious bar and throw rocks at Paris, Britney, and Nicole, and any one of the numerous bimbo brigades floating around!

  16. max

    That totally works for me.

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