miss adams cannot post today





Miss Adams is voting.

Cross fingers and see you at the polls.





where the art work comes from :
that is from photo pixel


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  1. So happy to hear you are voting, Max.

    Now lets hope they count them up properly.

  2. Oh, Kitty is playing into my agita. Sigh.

    I’m right there with you Max – going to vote this morning.

  3. Kym

    I hope you don’t have long lines to stand in. I’m heading down to my little town polling place. Last time I was really annoyed– the homemade cookies they were serving weren’t choc. chip and I had to wait two minutes while the poll workers chatted with me about my kids and my parents…And then on the way out I had to wait while they found let my son choose his favorite voting sticker.

    (Sorry, every once in awhile we country people have to poke fun at you big city people so we don’t feel so bad about missing the night life and culture.)

  4. max

    I was going to say the line was not too bad until I saw Kym’s post about no line at all and cookies and favorite voting stickers. Jeesh. The line was about a block long but everyone knew what they were doing so it went decently fast and only took about an hour.

  5. My line was only forty five minutes and they gave out hot cider and choco chip cookies. MMM!

  6. max

    Jeez. Does everyone else get cookies?

  7. Sarah

    Okay, in lieu of posting, allow me to present to your readers…. PUPPYCAM!!!

  8. Max – no cookies or treats at my polling place. But I was also only there for a minute since I was just dropping off my absentee ballot.

  9. max

    Oh wow. Look at those puppies. It makes me want a puppy just watching them.

    TP, I am thinking next time absentee is the way to go.

  10. My line was about 5 people long.

    But I had to endure dozens of signs for the other side all the way there and then all over the parking lot.

  11. max

    Well, winter is coming and the kindling will be useful I guess.

  12. Good luck to us all…

  13. max

    Yay! They just called Virginia blue. Good job Michele and Stil.

  14. My county worked its little dorky ass off. I should have known a good thing would have eventually come from being work obsessed.

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