mini piglet


Oh right.

Like I can say or do anything here cuter or funnier than the piglets.

I think not.


where the mini-pigs come from :
don’t they just look like little demons o’ cerces?

who shot that photo :
that is by Richard Austin

21 Responses to mini-piglet!

  1. So you are now going for the “wow” factor to grab ratings Adams. You have so sold out girl. Having said that, do you do you do a poster sized print of the middle piglet? It is so cute!

  2. max

    Well the photographer there is Richard Austin he might make you a poster if you contact him his website is

  3. max

    [ps : i wonder what the new landlord would think about a mini-piglet]

  4. Kym

    I think I would check out the new neighbors. Your last neighbors would have made bacon out of the poor little dude.

  5. Awwwww. Awwww. Awwwww.

    Okay, mine is the one who is far left and looks like he’s laughing.
    I want that one.

  6. That looks like a portrait of my cousins.

  7. Mmmmmm… Bacon.

    How are you making out with the fires? I hope all is well.

  8. we need apples.

    five little apples

    and some fresh fennel

    and a nice orange & thyme glaze

  9. Kym

    Hmm, Looks like some of your readers might be a problem if they got near the poor little porker.

  10. max

    Hey! No apples and that is final jeez you are bad kids.

    Woe, local fires are northwest of me by a good bit so I am out of harm’s way. [So is the new place too whew!] Thanks for asking.

  11. No problem, with the exception of my friend in the “biz” out there, you are my only LA contact these days…

  12. max

    Wow you are running with a racey crowd.

  13. I put dibs on the last one on the right…he looks like he’s up to something.


  14. max

    My two faves are the second from the left — he looks so totally surly and grouchy it cracks me up — and the second from the right who is laughing.

    The guy on the far right is totally up to something he is so your mini piglet Anita.

  15. I am glad the fires have missed you, and you are out of “ham’s” way. Oops! Made a pig’s ear of that one.
    P.S. I also quite like the one second from the right.

  16. max

    Pigs are really smart and if they are house raised really sweet and affectionate.

    [This does not apply to the hog and sow that tried to eat me when I was twelve they can also be pretty damn mean and also a hell of a lot faster than you would think any pig weighing in at 400 plus pounds could be.]

  17. Kym

    My mom has a really horrifying story about a hired man at a farm next to her grandfather’s. He fell down in the pig pen and…

    Let’s leave it at.. That night, there wasn’t much left of him but his overalls. (If I were Anita, I could make the story creepier but the idea is creepy enough as it is.)

    How did we get from those cute little piglets to death by porker?

  18. max

    The only reason I beat those pigs out of the pen was when the sow woke up she sprang three feet into the air and the extra seconds it took her to hit the ground running were the extra seconds I needed to make it across that pen ahead of her and dive head first through the fence slats. If she had been a little less airborne prone I would not be here today. I am also pretty sure that is the fastest I have ever run in my life and it was still almost not fast enough.

    I do not see this happening with the mini piglets though I say we all take one home. [smile]

  19. Second to the right reminds me of Steve Wonder. Looks like he’s blind and singing.

    Mmmm, protein!

  20. max

    No eating the mini piglets! Jeez.

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