milo the dog


milo the dog


Milo is an abandoned pit bull puppy who was rescued in a Renton, Washington parking garage. Anita posted his story and I am posting the link here because the puppy still needs surgery and it is going to be expensive and he could use donations.

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:::milo’s new site:::

*note milo’s new site 03.18.08


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  1. Miles and Milo Hugs for doing this Max.
    Stealth blogging under Animar

  2. max

    That little pup deserves things going his way for a bit here.

  3. californiablogging

    Poor pup! My inner pit bull would love to find the people who think it’s ok to abandon a dog!

  4. max

    They did way worse than abandon him. They kept him in a crate so much his legs and muscles did not develop and he could only walk on his elbows by the time he was found and those were cut to ribbons it is a wonder he could move on them at all. This little dog has had it rough and has so much heart.

  5. Whoever rescued him instead of walking away deserves the best in life.

    That’s what I think.

    anita marie

  6. max


    Hey I put him up on the seemaxrun forum and on too on the news page. I do not know Milo’s political leanings but people visit there and I figure every little bit helps.

  7. I am going to show this to LK. He will go ballistic.

    You know what’s really scary? Pets are supposed to be [like] a part of your family. I can’t even imagine how the owner[s] treat humans.

    The dog was even left in a parking garage!!

  8. Milo has received
    so far!
    PLUS his site has been updated and looks oh so very nifty.

    Thank you guys for caring.

    anita marie

  9. max

    That is wonderful Anita, thank you for letting us know. So he is only $1,300 short on the surgery now?

  10. Looks that way…is that cool or what?
    If you go to his page you can see the donation total

  11. max

    I just updated Milo’s site info his new site url is

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