irreverentSometimes I have —

Some idea I want to splash about on the blog but I think, Hey, sure I could write this, but I bet someone already said it [or I know someone already said it] and WITH visuals how cool would that be? And I go hunt around youtubes thinking for sure it will be there and hello?

No youtube.

Then I get all irrascible and stomp around but that does no good so finally think, Oh fine I will just write it my own damn self. And do. Which is more work and also exactly what happened with Somebody Wrote That and War This. There were no youtubes.

[Damn you youtube people.]

Anyway, moving on —

You know I have been posting every day for a solid freaking year?

[Okay try to appear appropriately shocked and awed.]

Technically I passed the one year mark on December 14th 2007 and hell and away left the thirty day mark behind January 14th 2007 [anyone remember the Celluloid Blonde Awards?] but I got behind on milestones when I was amusing myself with sexy mortician calendars and carrying on about somebody wrote that and war stuff and also hello the birth of christ but hey —

A solid year.

How cool is that?

I do not know if I will keep doing it.

It is a nice milestone though.

[Milestones for me are a collateral of self thing and that is a post all unto itself I may do someday but not today.]


*speaking of milestones this is my favorite : the greatest film montage in history


where the art work comes from :
that is one half of irreverence by chaofsky

25 Responses to milestones

  1. I notice you write a post a day and I loooooove it.
    I hope you keep doing it or I will be totally lost because if there is no Max post?
    Oh, the sinking feeling.

  2. Kym

    You are my inspiration! I keep trying to make every day and not quite succeeding.

  3. max

    Oh well the old neighbors gave me an awful lot of material now I have tame quiet neighbors I rarely even see what will I write about now? Jeesh. I may have to go stir up trouble on my own.

  4. conundrum

    Congrats on the milestore and thanks for posting everyday.

    I enjoy what you write and especially with the visual addition of the pictures you add. Checking your blog starts my day well.

  5. Nobody can ever say that you don’t have stamina.

  6. Greetings for the blog writing year milestone.

    Yep, keep writing.

    I think the blog world is always too short of smart, and brilliant, and ingenious, and a bit irriverent people (if you don’t mind my saying).

    [Too short of sexy leg Art, by the way]

    Someone must keep the flame alight.

    Happy Christmas, Max.
    Happy Christmas everybody.

  7. Has it really been a year?
    I loved the Sexy Mortician Calander and I loved the awards ( not because I got one cough cough-) but that’s how I picked up on more writers who have really helped me develop as a writer too.
    In a Year.
    Merry Christmas Max

  8. Congrats, and thank you, for posting every day for over a year. It is a huge feat.

  9. max

    Aw thanks.

    I think sometimes it is too fast. I remember a newspaper photographer one time telling me the tragedy of newspaper photography is it is disposable art. It has a shelf life of one day, and the next day it is on the bottom of a bird’s cage. Posts are like that, they go by awful fast if there is a post a day.

  10. When I got interested in ancient Greek and Roman texts about fifteen years ago, I realized that almost everything we write today, had already been written back in those days. They even knew that the world was a globe and that it circled around the Sun. Then there came a bunch of popes and talked about a flat world and that the Sun circled around the Earth. Not until 1543 did someone rediscover and publish the ancient knowledge
    (“De revolutionibus orbium coelestium” by Nicolaus Copernicus).
    So keep writing what you want to write. If it’s something good, it can not be said too many times ’cause people tend to forget. That’s why priests repeat there message every Sunday in church…

  11. sulya

    Congrats max! A whole year is a grand thing. While most things have been said and thought before, they have not been said and thought by you before and that is what makes it unique. That is what makes any of us unique, I think. That strange combination of thoughts and ideas in these bodies and minds in this time…

    I often think the key is Contribution. Stepping up. Participating. And, that you do and have most certainly done so – again – congrats on the milestone. Well earned. I would certainly miss the post-a-day but I would totally understand if you need a break (smile)…

  12. Allow me to be the first to invite you to NaDruPoDa, National Drunk Posting Day, December 29th. It has a website and everything. I’m going to do my darndest to participate, and maybe talk Metro and Mistress Cowfish into it as well.

  13. max

    Yay! Hey we did that last year too :

    drunken blogging

    [Some year I am really going to have to get a date for new year’s eve jeesh I am so predicatable]

  14. max

    Oh, wait, you mean the difficult to pronounce drinking night. That was different. There is a whole series of posts on that one, starting with fuck i just missed drunkedn blogging night.

  15. That post you just linked is one of your funniest posts, ever.

  16. You should do a “best of the year” post where you have all your favs (Max posts).

  17. max

    You are the only person alive who knows why that is so funny.

  18. max

    [i have a category of faves but i am not good at keeping it up]

  19. Yeah, you wrote that post in two seconds while we were chatting.
    Still cracks me up.

  20. max

    What is funny to me still is we are chatting and I say, Hey btw I posted that on the blog, and you say, Yeah right, and I put the link up, and I get one of those Kitty pauses. Which basically translate to, WTF?

    [190 wpm baby]

  21. I think you did three back to back posts real quick. I was laughing so hard.

    190? Are you human?

  22. max

    Shhh. It is a secret.

  23. Congrats on the year-long thing, Max. Have a great Christmas and here’s to another year of daily posts if you’re so inclined!

  24. Yay! I’ve been posting for a year too. We must have started around the same time. Congratulations.

  25. max

    Yay! See what good company I keep?

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