miki and her friends the penguin and the polar bear


This is really whimsical and lovely. [Lovely is not a word I use often either so me just saying that word means something I am not sure what.] Also it contains two of my favorite animals penguins and polar bears. Yay!




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  1. Zach loved this! How cute….. He also loves Penguin and Polar bears….lets hope the polar bears surrive global warming! I agree it’s lovely.

  2. Hands down the BEST near death tale I’ve heard in a long time ;-) Also, loved the Octopus-they’re so cool…and in this story they got raised to hero status instead of being a villan.

    Way, way cool

    Anita Marie

  3. Utterly charming, just when one needed a sweet story

  4. That was lovely. Two thumbs and two toes up.

  5. max

    I fell in love with that when I saw it. It looks like the artist is looking for exposure to land a book deal. Hope he gets it.

  6. That was amazing. Left me feeling all warm and gooey inside…

  7. That is so sweet. I love it and I think it would, indeed, make a great book. Very talented artist.

  8. trenchy

    I thought it was awesome… the 6 year old said “penguins don’t need underwater breathing devices… I guess we are just suppose to use our imagination”… so I suppose it would be a good book for 2-5 year olds.

  9. max

    That child needs less Animal Planet and more Hayao Miyazaki, Trench. Quick.

  10. Beth

    That was so amazingly sweet – and usually I hate sweet… how lovely. Cool find, Max!

  11. max

    Doesn’t it rock? I love that.

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