michele bachmann: the gift that keeps on giving


RT @LOLGOP: Bachmann really is one of the most vile human beings to ever live. The lies upon lies. But she makes the cat watch the TV.

RT @ninatypewriter: Bachmann, please get in your car and drive away on the socialist, government-funded road…

RT @DavidCornDC: Bachmann kind of claiming that Ben Franklin opposed Obamacare. Really.

RT @BorowitzReport: Bachmann apparently is withdrawing from the race to spend more time applying gigantic fake eyelashes. #iacaucus

RT @ninatypewriter: Bachmann just pronounced poignant with a hard g.

RT @LOLGOP: Michele Bachmann: I will do anything I can to make sure 30 million Americans won’t get health care, EVER!

RT @ninatypewriter: Oh. My. God. Bachmann is speaking word salad. And it’s from prepared text.

RT @lwdgrfx: RT @charyl: RT @JohnFugelsang: If Michele Bachmann were any more unbalanced she’d be a Cubist painting.

RT @lwdgrfx: RT @lizzwinstead: Guess it’s back to blowing corndogs.


*if you are not on twitter, you are so missing out on iowa fun


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