men without pants


self portrait by wendell minshewI just really like this photo. It is funny to me.

where the art work comes from :
that is self portrait by wendell minshew

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  1. Haaaaaa! Hey, how are you making out with those fires?

  2. Hehhehehe…looks kinda like someone I used to work for! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  3. max

    Well this is Southern Cal’s version of snow, great big white drifts of ash falling out of the sky. It is not really effecting where I am outside of smoke and ash.

  4. I like this- not because it’s funny ( which it is ) I like the way this guy is leaning forward, looking up and around the curve in the road…like if he has to wait until Hell freezes over ( or something freezes off ) he knows the right person is going to come around that turn and there he’ll be, half naked and waiting to catch that one perfect look of shock.

    PERFECTION and I don’t even LIKE B/W photos.

  5. That guy is stealing my move!
    My best move!

  6. Richard Morgan

    Okay, Max, enough’s enough. When I let you take that picture, you swore it was just for your own personal use. You’ve made me feel so cheap — and you’re not even my ex-wife.

  7. Hey A.J- don’t burst my bubble, I can’t see you standing around and just waiting for an audience.

    You seem more proactive then that


  8. max

    Call me crazy Valliant I am pretty sure you have some better moves left in you.

  9. And by the way, people — finally got my blog working. It’s been in the Twilight Zone for so long that Rod Serling called from the Great Beyond for rent payments.

  10. max

    Congratulations. Wow, you are talking about safe women? I did not know there was such a thing as a safe woman.

  11. Max:

    Most women are safe. You can trust them with your emotions and go to sleep, secure in the knowledge that you won’t be betrayed or compromised by them.

    But dangerous women — they’re the ones who keep us on our toes, who never let us take them for granted, and who have us staring at the bedroom ceiling at three in the morning while they sleep beside us, wondering what it is that we’ve done to deserve having them in our lives — and when it’s going to end.

  12. max

    Fear of losing something will usually drive it away.

  13. Max:

    I’m definitely not afraid of losing it. Everything ends, especially in relationships. When I’m lying awake, I’m not afraid of the person next to me leaving — sometimes, I’m afraid of them staying. A dangerous woman in my bed tends to make me stay awake and think those wonderful nighttime thoughts, whereas a safe woman in my bed tends to make me drop off to sleep. The dangerous women in my life are wonderful gifts given to me but I’ve never once thought of them as anything even remotely permanent. They provide much needed spice between safe relationships.

  14. Besides, is there anything more heartbreaking than being around when a dangerous woman becomes safe?

  15. max

    I have no idea. I do not classify people as dangerous or safe. I classify people as interesting or uninteresting. I do not have much use for uninteresting and do not know what “safe” means.

  16. Hey, no arguments from me, Max. Safe women tend to be uninteresting. If I had to define what a safe woman is, I’d have to say that she’s someone who doesn’t want to rock the boat, doesn’t want to say the wrong thing to the wrong people, doesn’t want to raise her voice during an argument because she’s afraid that someone is going to be offended.

    I figure that I’m rapidly heading for your “uninteresting” category, Max, and you’re certainly entitled to your opinion. I don’t mind stepping on the occasional toe — and I don’t mind shooting off the occasional mouth. I’d be a liar if I said that I don’t find you to be incredibly witty and clever and that the post you wrote about Zach really blindsided me…

    Wow. I have no idea where that thought was going. Damn it, it seemed like it had potential, too.

    Anyway, you realize that I’m not trying to be an asshole, I hope.

  17. max

    Oh you just have a great big crush on me.

  18. sulya

    Okay. I’m just going to say it. I played competitive badminton in high school. And when I practiced I always (always always) practiced with people who were better than me and not afraid to kill me (mostly metaphorically).

    I left those practices with welts from cork-tipped birds being smashed into my torso (the better players were mainly boys and they were mainly aiming for my breasts) but I always left them a better badminton player than when began.

    Isn’t the whole damn point of sharing your life with people to be challenged by them? Of wondering what you’re going to learn next? About them? About yourself?

    I mean, if there’s no peace. If there’s too much competition. These are definitely problems but what makes a person challenging (max’s “interesting”, richard’s “dangerous”) is all in the eye of the beholder and the beholder’s desire to take the corked-tip birds in the chest.

    Is it always better to take the hits? Certainly not. Some “challenges” are better run from as fast as you can.

    I guess, I just don’t think it’s fair to classify a group of people as being “Dangerous” because they won’t be taken for granted, because they can make people (forgive me but I have to bring it round somehow) feel like they’re standing by the side of the road with their pants down.

    Why would anyone want to be with someone they COULD take for granted?

    Why would anyone want to be with someone who doesn’t know how to take their pants down (metaphorically AND literally, of course)?

  19. Max:

    I am a guy — therefore, it’s obvious that I have a crush on you. In fact, I’m still waiting for my membership packet to arrive from the Max Adams Fan Club. I can’t wait to put your poster in my office — not to mention the Max Adams Lunchbox that I can bring to my high-powered business lunches. I’ll be the envy of the alpha elite everywhere.

  20. max

    I think that comes back to who you become with another person. Someone you must rise to match can bring out what is strong and best in you and if it is mutual, then you become stronger and greater together than either of you would be alone.

    [There is something really wrong with that sentence but it is too early to figure out what.]

  21. max

    By the way, there did used to be a max and cow lunchbox.

    [wow it will be interesting to see if that link works]

  22. max

    Oh cool it worked.

  23. Only a desperate, lonely girl who just got dumped would even contemplate picking this dude up…

  24. Like the lunchbox.

    OMG! Are his drawers down, too!


  25. max

    Are whose drawers down too? Are you wearing your glasses?

  26. Max, I have not been wearing my glasses lately!

    I thought the man had just pulled his jeans down but now I see his undies are down too.

  27. max

    LOL — you just saw that? Too funny.

  28. Yes and then I clicked on the link and see that this is the artist’s self portrait. LMAO Mama was right – Cali is full of fruits this case, nuts.

  29. max

    Hey. I was born here.

  30. Well you are a peach.

  31. Ok, I guess you aren’t particular fond of peaches.

    A pomegranate, maybe? I hear they’re in.

  32. max

    Hey, I like the peach. No pomegranites.

    I have just been puzzling over all the different connotations peach has now since you talked about that rotten kid who told you he did not want peaches he wanted vanilla.

    He is still in so much trouble with me.

  33. I remember that to Stiletto- and you should have done what I used to do when I got picked on… for being a ‘peach’ instead of ‘vanilla’ well, actually my Uncle gave me boxing lessons for my birthday.

    It was the gift that keeps on giving…ha, ha, ha.

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