men are weird


I hit a movie —

With my friend Dog the other night. I said I was feeling fat because I had gained this damn Ensure weight and it was not coming off.

He said, Good, you needed to gain weight.

I said, But it is not coming off.

He gave me the stare and said, Didn’t I just say you needed to gain weight?

I go to dinner with my friend Chris. I say I have gained weight.

He says one word: Good.

This eight pounds is driving me mad. I cannot even wear half my bras because they are push up bras and make my breasts look too big it is like a mule being led around by breasts when I wear my French bras with this damn weight which makes [I never thought I would say this] too much cleavage but I guess guys like cleavage [quelle surprise] even when it comes with hips and a butt.

I do not like the weight. There is not a hell of a lot I can do about it — short of dieting [ugh] — until the rib gets completely better and I can do my damn exercises again. But I do not like it.

[Also it has been four months since the Ensure debacle so exercising may not actually do it that was not working before the rib debacle I may have to diet if I want this off oh the horror.]

Meanwhile guy friends say the weight is a good thing.

So what is the story there? Do men look at Playboy and just see breasts or do they somewhere secret in the backs of their heads think “Wow she needs to gain weight”? Do they just like thin women who have big breasts? Or secretly really not care for thin women at all? Is it just my friends? Is it men in general? Are my friends just being gallant? [That “Good” did not sound very gallant.]


Men are a mystery to me.


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where the art work comes from :
that is from nude munich

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  1. Kym

    This woman friend says eat more chocolate & do less leg lifts. You look great with 8 more pounds! You look healthy and beautiful. I might even stop worrying about you.

  2. you have just made me sexually attracted to mules :D

  3. max

    Not exactly what I was going for but oh well if it works for you.

  4. nancyb

    Men like breasts. Period.

    There is a tipping point where the woman is so fat that the big breasts aren’t worth it. You’re about 75 pounds shy of that, I bet.

  5. kommoner

    I’d say things are changing. Breasts are still up there, but it’s other areas that are more in focus nowadays. And skinny just doesn’t cut it. And yes, i see magazines with women on the cover and think, for fucks sake, eat a cheeseburger would you.

  6. I tend to like waifs. I just really like women with little pixie bodies. Boobs are nice but they aren’t my end all. When I first met my wife she was a size 0 and 105lbs. That said, she was a little too thin. Gaining some weight turned great into perfect.

  7. max

    Tragically my pixie self is not coming back without some work here I think.

  8. Max, you look perfect in that last photo I saw.

    Considering people look bigger on camera, you might be worrying too much about those 8 pounds.

    My husband likes the waif look. When I get into skin and bones territory, he tells me I look great, but my friends start telling me they are worried about me.

  9. max

    Oh you are totally a pixie, Kitty. Standing next to you I would look like a northern barbarian.

  10. sulya

    (And I would look like the woman who plows both of your fields… hmmmm.)

  11. sulya

    (By hand. You know, like in that Van Gogh painting?)

  12. Well, there is what looks good in haute couture and there is what feels good against a man’s body.

    I think most men would vote for that extra 8 pounds.

    You look divine, dahlink.

  13. max

    Aw. Thank you Miss Pooks.

    [I have good friends. Smile.]

  14. sulya

    Incidentally, max, now that I am over being the peasant plow-woman to yours and Kitty’s pixie-selves – I wanted to say that I am with Kitty on this one. You look great. I mean if you’re really miserable about it then that’s not good but like Kitty said, that is fab waistline and it’s all lookin’ fine to me.

  15. max

    I love responses here. All my women friends say, “You look perfect.” Woe, being the wise man that he is, says, “My wife looks perfect.” And then we have Aniche, who is a little different… [smile].

  16. Well, since you asked, I really like the “fat Max” photo. You look voluptuous, and you’ve got some oomph! under that shirt! It looks fantastic!

  17. californiablogging

    Holy f*ck that was a fat picture? You need to enjoy your hotness and forget this mental torture.

  18. max

    Jen you crack me up.

  19. max

    Thanks, Miss Stil, smooch!

    [I think that is the first and will probably be the last time in my life anyone has called me voluptuous, I am going to cherish this moment, wink.]

  20. Fat Max is quite lovely.

  21. max

    Aww. Thank you Valliant. Smooch!

  22. max

    Is it just me or do the posts with the sexy photos get way more comments?

    [ps : Valliant, you are past overdue giving us links to new Valliant photos]

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