I remember being a little kid looking at the TV and some fringe crazies on the screen and saying, Those people are going to be serious trouble. And my mother and her friends laughing and saying, Oh no, those are just some crazy people, No one will ever threaten Roe versus Wade.

I did not know what Roe versus Wade was.

But I knew my mother and her friends were wrong.


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  1. The scariest part is that it seems as though those crazies have been around for centuries.

    Oh damn! They have been! :(

  2. max

    I appear to have been born with a distinct ability to clearly see long term outcomes very early. Nobody ever believes me though so it is kind of wasted and just results in me being weirded out and worried way earlier than anyone else about something I cannot do anything to avert.

  3. They will threaten but I do not believe they will topple.

  4. max

    I wouldn’t bet money on that. They are organized and zealots with a mission. Liberals assume and count on everyone being rational and capable of “debate” and polite discussion [wow is that a mistake] and just do not understand the mindset they are facing at all. Kind of a problem because being apathetic or inactive during a war you do not even understand is underway pretty much guarantees you will lose without even knowing you were in a fight in the first place.

  5. Rob

    max, you should look into the story of Cassandra, the daughter of Priam, king of Troy.

  6. max

    Casandra had a troubled dating history.

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