meme revenge






Dear Bemused Blogger —

If you are reading this meme.

As of now.

You are officially meme’d.

Nifty trick, yes?




What is gingivitis?

Oh like that really exists.

What would you name a dog you really disliked?

“G.A.N.: Go Away Now.”

What was the last lie you told your boyfriend to avoid an argument?

Like I have a boyfriend. Say, do you have Mirco Bergamasco’s phone number?

Do socks that disappear in the dryer really go to the Baby Jesus?

Doy. Everyone knows that.

When is the last time you bought a piece of lingerie that was not white, beige, or basic black?

Oh like I would answer that. Perve. [author’s note: this response shamelessly lifted from aj, whose answer was better than mine, damn her, and who will have a nifty website I can reference here soon]

Hi, my name is Flash, how do you like me so far?

If that is followed by Gordon, I am dialing 911. If that is prefixed by Macromedia, I am pulling a gun.



3 Responses to meme revenge

  1. Max Adams…unforgettable Max!

    I”ve just found you and I’m so happy for that.
    Hope you remember my brazilian accent!

    See ya

    P.S. I still tell everyone that old Macarena Bob story!

  2. Oh…I forgot to say: I’m Mercedes…Mgmyself!


  3. max

    Oh no, not the Macarena Bob story. I totally forgot that, that is funny.

    Hi, Mg. Long time no see.–>

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