me & the white rug


sheepI just —

Got out of the bath. I am all spring time fresh. And would be naked except for the voluminous robe. But I am barefoot.

Whenever I am barefoot I make right for the white rug.

The white rug is this shaggy wonderful white rug made with sheep’s fur that feels wonderful curling in your toes. I love this white rug. It was such an extravagance when I got it and one of the best extravagances I ever did. It makes me happy any time it touches my bare toes.


One day a delivery man walked on the white rug with his shoes. No one wears shoes in my place. It is a rule. Only delivery people because, well delivery people are not staying. But they are not allowed to walk on the white rug.

That guy was in so much trouble.


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  1. Kym

    Your life in the city is like a fairy tale with magic white carpets—I don’t even dare do white bedspreads here in the country.

  2. max

    Oh you could do them. But you would need cooperation. Dogs are really cooperative. I did white furniture and also white berber carpets with big dogs and it worked out because, well, dogs are cooperative. Humans? Not always so much and you have a bunch of those hoofing in and out.

  3. max

    [You know what would kill this rug though? Wood. Anything having to do with wood, those little chips would do it in it could not be anywhere near the fire ever in the country it would be over.]

  4. I can’t think of a better way to say “no shoes” than having a white rug at the door.

    We don’t do shoes in this house either. I don’t ever remember teaching the kids about no shoes, it just always was that way.

  5. Kym

    My middle son takes over 5 minutes, literally, to lace up his mid calf Doc Martens. I just can’t see the no shoes policy working here. But I can dream about having the clean floors you two have!

  6. I think I remember that rug!

  7. max

    The rug was here while you were here Stil so you definitely saw it, I think you were talking about taking photos with it.

    Kitty, I am so about socks indoors.

    Kym, I am remembering winter in the country and all the mud and hauling wood and dragging out to figure out what water line was broken where this time and unclogging a storm culvert that blocked during storms and the chimney clogging up and climbing onto the roof to fix that during a storm and the trails of debris and rain and mud and — you are so right, there is almost no way you could have this rug there. Not in a main room for sure.

  8. forkboy1965

    I’m just having a wonderful time imagining cute little toes curled in the luxurious white carpet…..ummm……curling toes……

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