me and my malcontent conscience

conscienceSo we coerced TJ into starting a blog. And I stop in and look at what he is posting on his blog. It is real honest, real up front stuff. And I look at my blog, all full of my cute little diatribes, and think, jeez, I oughta be ashamed. There is TJ doing what writers are supposed to do, you know, cut open a vein and bleed on the page, that sort of thing. All full of honesty and thoughtfulness. And there I am posting hot doc polls and hot girl doc polls.

Not too deep, Max.

Maybe I should post something meaningful here to assuage my malcontent conscience?

Oh I think not.

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  1. I think writing is all about not being afraid to say what’s on your mind…hot docs are on yours,
    Cannibals are on mine.

    I won’t pretend they’re not.

    Rebel Chicks Rule

    anita marie

  2. I already have enough of a complex about blogs being exercises in self-indulgence without having to share really intimate stuff. Besides which, my life is just not that interesting anyway.

  3. Writers are supposed to write for their audience, right? I know that’s not fulfilling anything deep, but it’s true, right? We read you; you must be doing something right.

    This isn’t the start of some sort of war is it?

  4. aj

    Wow, then my blog must just be viewed as a cussing outlet.

  5. Nonsense, aj. Though, at the moment, the very large FECK YOU on the top post does lean that way.

    That’s like saying Max’s blog is about being defeated by five year olds; oh wait.

  6. max

    Hey! I beat that five year old. Sure it was a close game, but I did win.

  7. Plus you got some sound advice on how to er, ‘deal’ with kids.

    I don’t know about you …. but I took notes.

  8. You have a good variety of things on here. Let’s see, you had some bloodletting a while back, the post about the time you got abducted.
    Your blog is never boring.

  9. My blog is not deep and meaningful either – unless you call “Let’s find some cool jeans” deep. Your blog is cool Max just the way it is.

  10. max

    No. I must turn over a new leaf. From now on it is deep Max and I am starting right with a searing expose of tetrizz wrongdoings in Gar Must Die. No one can call me frivolous after that.

  11. Gee, Max.

    Aspiring to be deep.

    I’m just stuck being a giant crab.

  12. max

    Hey, Allie. Have not seen you in an age.

  13. I think it has been .9 of a continuim, 1/3 of a lifetime plus 3 seasons, give or take a fortnight.

    Someone sent me a treatment to look over and I thought of you…

  14. max

    There are a couple seats open in the 5150 workshop if any of your writers are doing screenplay and looking.

  15. I hope your old email works…

  16. max

    Depends how old but I am guessing not there is an email link on the 5150 page that will get to me the page is at

  17. I’ve actually cut open a vein and sheesh, even though I have regretted some fuck ups in my life, that is one fuck up I don’t regret (that is, fucking it up).

    How’s that for deep and heavy? lol

    Oh Max, silly goose! This is where I come for sorbet and a breath of fresh air! Don’t got to make it gratuitously deep!

  18. max

    Well that all did end with “I think not.”

  19. Tetrizz Wrongdoings….

    A ballad in the making.

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