maybe new hair


blonde bobI am thinking —

About new hair.

Specifically that new hair.

Not that color. Not quite that blonde. But that cut.

[Okay maybe that blonde. That could be fun.]


This happens at the crossover of every year. I do not make New Year’s resolutions. I make new hair resolutions.

Last new year I was thinking about Witch Hunter Robin hair. But that is seriously questionable on a human who is not an anime character and also a lot of work and also did not happen I just chopped the hair off again.

This year I am thinking about that bob. That bob is pretty sharp.


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  1. You will of course share pictures, I hope.

  2. That’s a hot look. The piecy bob is what everyone is drooling over this season.

  3. nice bob. I think it would suit you

  4. brut

    I know the perfect Guivenchy salon in Paris for that cut. What a perfect way to start a new year. Paris. Tattinger champagne. Guivenchy.
    Happy New Year, Max

  5. That is so damn sexy. When you said “not that blonde” I thought – YES THAT BLONDE! And then you said it could be fun and I am thinking, exactly!

    As a connoisseur of style and beauty (ahem), and after studying photo after photo of men and women, I say this would look great on you. And if I am wrong, then…then…well, hair always grows back, right?

  6. Kym

    I hate to be the voice of reason (okay, I love to be the voice of reason) but, notice how she has her head tipped. She is doing that so she can see. Otherwise her hair will fall right in her eyes and then where will she be. She can’t tell you where she is ’cause she can’t see.

    She looks very sexy like she is exposing her throat to some strong dark vampire but, trust me she has a crimp in her neck and she is thinking, “I wish I had listened to Kym and gone with the bald look.”

    Seriously, it might not fit my lifestyle but I’ll bet you would look gorgeous in it.

  7. max

    I thought about the bang aspect but I figure around here I will probably do what I always do which is stick my hair all up in combs so the bangs would not be a problem just trouncing around I think it would rock as a style when I did it right and took it out.

  8. sulya

    It’s a swishy do, for sure, and since events of the last couple years have proven to me that even the worst haircut of a lifetime can lead to really, really good things – I say it’s probably worth the risk.

    And, while a fairly staunch brunette myself, I say – because someone has to – blonder is better!

  9. max

    As long as I own baseball caps, risk elements are minimal. [wink] Really I just have to grow out the back more for this to really work.

  10. Max mentioned in passing:

    I thought about the bang aspect

    Me too. It’s always a major consideration.


  11. max

    You are so wicked. C’mere.

  12. ;)

    Are you going to spank me?

  13. Lie and say it’s your birthday.

  14. It’s my birthday, Max.

    Now will you spank me?


    (My birthday is coming up, though – Valentine’s Day.)

  15. max

    Jeez. It is a conspiracy.

    [you guys crack me up]

    [hey i remember your birthday i posted a photo for it last year fresh stuff]

  16. max

    [ps : how weird is it to be saying “last year”?]

  17. Happy new year, Max.

    I think you should do the hair – I like it.

  18. Yes, very weird, Max.

    And I have not forgotten. I remember that present with genuine fondness. Daily.


    p.s. You might be careful using “crack” in a discussion of spanking. It might… open up… a whole new… um.. discussion.


  19. I just took a similar photo into my hairdresser and that is NOT what I got! I have been in California for 3 years now and have never had a good cut. wtf? Good luck to you.

  20. max

    You know, there are probably a lot of real talented hair people who could do exactly that cut out of work right now. I bet any one of them could do that hair.

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  22. Max, have you given any thought lately as to when you are going to do your hair? Curious minds want to know!

  23. max

    It has to grow some more. This is what gets me, the in between stage. I usually break before the hair gets there.

  24. The in between stage is a pain! But don’t do it! Patience, my dear, is a virtue…and will lead you to sexy, sassy hair!

    Perhaps we should start an “in between hair” support group.

  25. max

    It would have to be online a whole bunch of people in one room during hair transition would be too scary.

  26. We’d all take one look at each other and run to the nearest salon!

    Of course, those of us with other addictions would go shopping or have a drink!

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