you say potato i say potahtoh


vodka_iiiMax’s recipe for —

Potato Soup

Step 1 : Open Vodka.
Step 2 : Pour Vodka.
Step 3 : Drink Vodka.


*ingredients required : vodka!


where the art work comes from :
that is from rrrusty

0 Responses to you say potato i say potahtoh

  1. Russian Cooking is AWESOME

  2. max

    I am totally for Russian cooking yay!

  3. D-

    Needs a little salt, I think

  4. forkboy1965

    Don’t forget to chill the potatoes first!

  5. Anne

    Thank God. I was afraid it would be more borscht. Am prepping your dinner now. Pour. Chug. Repeat.

  6. max

    Good God. Beet soup? Oh fuck no.

  7. I’m so disappointed. I thought this was a real recipe!

  8. max

    Oops. Say someone posted they are looking for you in the feng shui bunkers post.

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