max's holiday recipe


Oh yez, it is that time of year, when people overwhelmed by the season regularly invite you over, with one caveat: You are expected to prepare, with your own hands and in your own kitchen, some sort of delicacy to present gatherers at these holiday extravaganzas — for consumption.


This can be not only problematic, but also endanger party guests if you are food prep impaired. Fortunately, I have evolved a recipe for just these types of holiday gatherings.

[Yes, I am a genius.]


Max’s Holiday Recipe for Gatherings that Require Prepared Food Stuffs:

1. Carefully prepare a basket, something pretty with maybe a little lacy cloth.
2. Place small notes and candy canes in envelopes.
3. Place envelopes in basket.
4. Place basket strategically on dessert table.
5. All done!


Notes vary but mine usually say “I didn’t cook and you are not in the E.R. You’re welcome.”


5 Responses to max’s holiday recipe

  1. genius. If only Anthony Bourdain were bright enough to take you up on this,
    His loss. Our health,

  2. A week before any given holiday I start telling stories about the good old days I spent embalming and what do you know? I NEVER get asked to bring food anywhere.

  3. I laughed out loud. People who make me laugh don’t need to bring goodies when they come to my house….just sayin’

  4. SandySays1

    That sounds like something my human would do so I asking to read your post. He laughed and laughed. I asked him if that’s what he’d do. He grinned and said, “No, I just have the ‘Help’ cook up something special.”

  5. Red

    Not sure I could be so restrained in the note department…

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