max's green & thrifty household hints


1. Save those dabs of toothepaste —

From the bathroom sink. Roll them into little mint balls. This saves water and hello all good hostesses offer their guests nice mints after dinner.

2. After meals, put plates on the floor. Put them back in the cupboard after the dog licks them clean. This saves water AND energy and hello no troublesome dishwasher loading and unloading. Yay!

3. Blot your lipstick on your wine glasses. You know you were going to get lipstick all over those glasses anyway and this saves tissue — hello people saved tissue equals saved trees!

4. Why water a lawn when you can spray paint it? With a few covert cans of Krylon your lawn will be green all year long — no pesky mowing or watering required. Yay!

5. Why expend artistic energy carrying trash to a dumpster when that 9 to 5 drone next door has nothing better to do? Just leave trash bags in front of your neighbor’s door. Only one person carrying trash spells less carbon dioxide yay!


where the art work comes from :
that is from abrazier

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  1. D-

    Number 4 won’t work cause spray cans are toxic to the ozone layer. Best to use proper pain, methinks?

  2. max

    Details details.

  3. take THAT Martha Stewart!

  4. YES! umm – except for #3. Oh, and I don’t have a dog so #2 won’t work. #4 is a bit difficult as I don’t have a lawn. #1 and #5 are looking good. Providing I can find a neighbor and a hostess.

  5. #1 so cracks me up.

  6. D, having to tend to the lawn in any way, shape, or form IS a pain.

  7. Max, no commentary on toilet paper? Is there where I say, please spare the square.

  8. max

    Feminine hygiene products, toilet paper and disposable diapers are except from ecological questioning.

  9. My religious nut friend Melissa and her family would discourage me and the rest of her elementary school friends from using x amount of squares when we’d visit.

    I found that rather bizarre. And inconsiderate.

  10. max

    Good hostesses do not ration a guests’ toilet paper.

  11. forkboy1965

    Why bother painting the lawn? Just think of brown as the “new” green…

  12. I’m dying laughing at #4.

  13. Stiletto

    Fork, if this wasn’t Max’s blog, I’d say something TOTALLY inappropriate :)

  14. max

    My hair is on end just thinking about it.

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