maxmas, yay!


black_hat_and_backless_dress 3 weeks till MaxMas!



Where?  Austin Texas
When?  February 12
What Time?  12:01 AM until closing [we use the term “closing” loosely]

How should you celebrate MaxMas?  Oh let us count the ways… wait, we do not want to overwhelm you, let’s do a top five:



1.  Buy Max incredibly expensive shoes.  This is always a favorite, and also Dolce is a serious fave, but you might require a shoe size to pull it off and only very special people know Max’s shoe size.  Moving on —

2.  Give Max a spiff Victoria’s Secret gift card.  Of course, you probably won’t want to do that unless you are counting on actually seeing what Max uses that gift card for.  Feeling lucky? Maybe not. Moving on —

3.  Shower Max with Grand Marnier!  Okay we are using the word “shower” metaphorically, do not under any circumstances actually douse Max with Grand Marnier.  She is vengeful and also violent when it comes to cleaning bills.

4.  Drop some cash on the save the wolves fund in Max’s name.  Or anyone’s name.  We’re good with Godzilla. Just do it. You will feel good. Max will feel good. Wolves will feel good. Even Godzilla will feel good. Yay!

5.  Attend the MaxMas super super secret MaxMas underground party.  [There is only one way to do this.  Get the secret secret super secret party details.  Be creative.]


That’s it sports fans.


Love and Kisses,


Your MaxMas Adams Girl


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