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This is fun. Pooks found it. It is a map of states you have visited. Or in this case, states I have visited — or in some cases lived.

*wow patterns really show when you look at it this way


:::states have you visited:::


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  1. You’ve done some serious wagon training.

    I’d like to see the Pacific Northwest.

  2. Ah.
    The Southwest.
    Very Cool
    I’m fond of those ones myself.
    I was going to do a smiley face but I know how you feel about those devilish things.
    So here’s one you might like:

  3. Dan

    Why would anyone leave the Northeast?

  4. Kym

    Or why would anyone go to the Northeast…:snicker:

    Oh wait Maine! Maine is worth the rest of the Northeast.

  5. max

    The kitty smiley can stay.

    I felt a lot better traveled before I checked out these maps. In the global map I have only seen six percent of the world. [It sounded so much better when I said three continents.]

  6. Heh. You’re not missing too much here in the Midwest.

    Well,maybe a chance to try what they call ’round these parts “Cincinnati-style” chili – a sweet/spicy meat paste that, ugh, really doesn’t look to appealing. But hey – I can’t eat beef, so… whaddaIknow?

  7. that map is sorely lacking virginia

  8. max

    Virginia is not on the map? Wow. Do the mapmakers know something we do not? Maybe it is time to move Michele, just to be safe.

    Jason I will never be lured anywhere by food. A lot of things lure me. Food is never going to one of them.

  9. I’m pretty well traveled, but I would only live in the NY metro area, Chicago metro, the SF Bay area, San Diego metro, or the D.C. metro area… only because of all the opportunities I would have there as a librarian.

  10. Virginia is not on the map because Virginia sucks.

    Does driving through a state count as visiting?

    I am going to send this link [which is not working btw] to my cousin because she is always trying to one up me and I am going to ask her to click on all the states she HAS NOT visited. Alabama will be left standing.

  11. max

    Yes, driving through counts. Just touching down in an airport does not though.

    Is this the cousin who is hooking up with a man before seeing any of the world?

  12. max

    I think that site is down by the way maybe they exceeded their bandwidth or something there is another site [that includes Virginia] but it does not have as pretty a graphic:

  13. Yes, this is the same cousin who is running off to some city I have never heard of south of Los Angeles with a man who has Georgia roots and a III after his name. Not, not her fiance, the guy she dumped him for.

  14. max

    “not her fiance, the guy she dumped him for”


    The third, huh? If he has old Georgia roots that could get rough if the family does not approve. Those matriarchal Southern ladies are not forgiving.

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