max : the album cover


This is a pretty cool meme [do not think i say that often] Pooks hit me with on facebook.




Do a Wikipedia random search : that is the band name.

Do a Wikipedia random quotes search : the last five to four words is the album name.

Do a flickr last seven days search : the first image is the album cover art.




Put it together. Album cover. Yay!


*probably it would be funner if i used my band name — also i liked that second photo a LOT so got crazy and did it twice


*i do not know who has software to do the graphics thing so am not tagging anyone here but hey if you are reading this and want to go for it consider yourself tagged


album cover #1 :
eridania by jacksburon

album cover #2 :
wings over illawarra by fischstarr

0 Responses to max : the album cover

  1. Kym

    The first album cover with the empty cavernous building and When I Come Home title kinda tugs at my heart.

  2. Karen (Nic)

    Such cool vibes, Max. Love ’em both.

  3. This is great, the first one is perfect. This is such a fun meme.

  4. max

    Yeah this one is fun. It was kind of like math putting all the pieces together though.

  5. Is that an airplane prop in the second photo?

  6. max

    That is a teapot handle. You should click the link to see the original photos, I inverted them for effect but the photos are really stellar.

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