max & stil do the beach


Speaking of Stil… I would like to say I am not always as bitchy as I appear but it would be a lie. Stil and I went round and round about her putting photos up of me. This is because I suffer from a sin called vanity. [This is from when she visited.] We dressed up Friday. I looked good Friday. Monday? Not so good. No hair. No make up. Hung over. And wearing pants that were not flattering rolled up to wade around in sand. But Monday is the day Stil pulled out a camera.

Stil: Choose photos.
Me: You can use that ONE.
Stil: Choose more. I cannot put up just one photo of you I will look vain.
Me: Say I wouldn’t let you put up more photos.
Stil: I am GOING to say that.
Me: The bird photos are great.
Stil: Fine. I am just going to put up bird photos.
Me: Good choice.


:::the bird photos:::

[also cute surfers and stil]


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  1. I can’t believe you didn’t put this photo up sooner. You look great.

    Nice crop too.

  2. max

    Oh well that crop is all about getting my incredibly unflattering pants cut out of the shot.


  3. You do look great. If I were the photographer I would have had you stand closer to to foreground though, melding into the background is an affront to your good looks.

  4. max

    Aww, Woe, you silver tongued devil, if you were not a married man I would set my cap for you.

  5. Kym

    It good to see you outdoors. Sometimes I picture you all squished in a closed curtained apartment all day writing.

    Yay, for fresh air. Yay for Stil getting you outside.

  6. I will make it up to you. BTW, I might be getting an SLR camera for Christmas! You will have to help break it in!

  7. max

    Ooh la la. Fun cameras for Christmas is always good.

    Kym, I do spend too much time indoors probably it was great to get out to the beach.

  8. max

    Thank you Valliant. Smooch!

    [Or were you complimenting Stil? She took the photo. Smile.]

  9. If it means anything, my nieces think you and Stil are pretty, that Kitty looks like a movie star and that Kym should be in the next Tomb Raider Movie.

    Don’t ask me why- they’re 16 ,12 and 10.

  10. max

    I love those neices.

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