max solves the national financial crisis


Everyone is worried —

About a national financial crisis. I do not think we have a crisis at all. Everyone knows where the national treasury is. Doy. Sitting in a Haliburton vault. I say we crack that baby open and use those tax payer bucks for what they were intended for. That should not be hard. We have an army and okay that army is overseas but that is no biggy, we just dial those kids up and say, Hey, soldiers, come home already, we have a Haliburton vault to storm. That solves the overseas military fiasco AND the foreign policy quandary AND the national financial crisis dilemma and hey, if anyone complains, we will just shake our hips and say “eminent domain.”

Crisis solved.


[i should so be in charge i would whip this place into shape in a snap]


where the art work comes from :
that is from cathzilla

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  1. I read what I think is a brilliant solution over at Reddit yesterday: The government should pay the mortgages that people are defaulting on instead of giving money directly to the banks, then the banks would not go under and people would be able to keep their homes. It would still cost us but it seems like a more civilized way to go about things and both the corporations and the common people win instead of just the corporations.

  2. Woeful – I agree completely!!

    I also like the way Max thinks :-)

  3. max

    Silly Woe. Giving money to people is charity. Giving money to banks and corporations is business.

  4. Max
    The United States Secretary of the Treasury!

  5. I know, helping ordinary people is crazy talk.

  6. I’m in. When do we leave?

  7. I blame the French/Swiss super collider for creating a black hole that sucked up all the banks.
    I’m not going in that thing unless there is music and candy.

  8. Viva el Presidente Max!

  9. There’s only one problem.

    Halliburton has their own army. It’s called Blackwater.

    Oh, and we’re paying for that, too.

  10. max

    Where is John McClane when you need him?

  11. Unfortunately I think the vault has already been emptied to bail out Fannie and Freddie and AIG and now all those other banks …

  12. I like your solution, Max. Can I have your children?

  13. max

    Well I would have to rustle some for you Frontier and I think the FBI frowns on that.

  14. Ouch! Bartender, how about a drink to put out these flames? Wait, that was a Tom Cruise line . . . this has all taken a horrible, horrible turn . . .

  15. max

    Jeesh Frontier what is wrong? You did not ask me to bear your bastard love children you asked me to hand over some children where else could I come up with those on short notice?

  16. I was merley deferring to your dominance in the particular issue of th enational economy. But, of course, if you want to bear my bastard love child . . . .

  17. Celluloid Blonde vs Caribou Barbie – Score one for Max!

  18. Ohhhh, it’s the Haliburton vault! My bad! Well, you can try to storm it, but I don’t know if anyone could make it through the army of shotgun-armed Cheney-bots that guards it …

  19. Wondering if the power of cleavage would have any effect.

  20. max

    Frontier, I am holding out for a man who makes an effort.

    James, did you even read the post?

    Stil, cleavage, no, your cleavage, yes.

  21. James was sidetracked by the thought of cleavage. Oh wait, I posted after. Oh, well, nice try but I couldn’t save ya, kiddo.

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