max saves ginny's marriage


Ginny has this —

Hot new arborist. According to Ginny, he is hot in an “I fix shit and I’m strong and the wattage of my smile powers small nations” way.


You know that just spells trouble and is clearly a danger to Ginny’s vows. She cannot have some hot arborist trotting around her yard doing manly things she could succumb any second but fortunately for Ginny she has me and I am just throwing myself on my sword here Ginny next time the hot arborist is over just wave a cross and chloroform around until temptation and he collapse then stuff him in a box and ship him to my address.

Whew! Marriage saved.


[Speaking of romance which we were not but now I am go read this essay at Eclectic Garden it makes me want to be another woman in another place.]


where the art work comes from :
that is from serendipity came across

0 Responses to max saves ginny’s marriage

  1. Kym

    Ginny, next time you find a hot guy, shhhh! Max hogs them. I mention Jayne once and ptttt she is all over him (figuratively speaking.)

  2. But it’s in the name of friendship. Right, Max? Max, why won’t you make eye contact with me…

  3. max

    Jeez. I give give give and am surrounded by doubters.

  4. too much fun.

    i think i’ll go into gardening.

  5. aj

    Look, iIwould hate to see you two ruin a beautiful friendship over this, so in an act of selflessness I say ship him to me and save your friendship.

  6. max

    Speaking of man hogs. Back of the line Kowala Girl.

  7. Hot guy..yum! Send him – oh never mind – I forgot I switched orientation.

  8. max

    You are never going to pull off this lesbian facade.

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