max & kym turn faust's totally innocent firefly topic into a battlefield


adam baldwinSo The Faust —

Posts this perfectly innocent topic, I am a leaf on the wind. It is a Firefly quiz and The Faust is Wash who is a totally fun character and the topic title is a Wash quote.

Natch, rather than taking the fun quiz or behaving like the ladies we are supposed to be [ahem] Kym and I immediately battle each other for Jayne dominion.

[This has happened before. Even though Kym is totally unfaithful and sneaks off to make sassy posts about Mal jeez.]

It comes to the point though, battling in poor Faust’s topic, where I have to sit back and take stock. See. I cannot outlast Kym in a war of words. Kym is tenacious and a really good debater. And it is not a good idea for me to wrestle Kym. Kym is taller than I am and also has a black belt. So. I only have one recourse.

I guess I just have to shoot her.


ps : i am river tam yay!


8 Responses to max & kym turn faust’s totally innocent firefly topic into a battlefield

  1. Dan

    Quiz be damned…watching you two duke it out was much more fun. Although I wish you’d told me sooner that you were River. That’s hot!

  2. max

    “Also, I can kill you with my brain.”

  3. What would Joss do?

  4. Dan

    And I’d love every second of it, Max.

    What would Joss do? Well, he’s probably reading this and giggling maniacally.

  5. Kym

    Gosh, Max, shooting me just cause Jayne likes me better? Now, will that make you better than me? Will it make Jayne like you?

    Note, Jayne does not like his woman (singular) battling for “dominion” over him. He likes me soft and sweet and demure. :batting eyelashes: So I’ll just bake him some cookies and rub his back and those gorgeous arms.. .

    You do what you have to do. But you just can’t win Jayne.

  6. Dan

    I don’t know Kym…there’s a pretty good chance that Max could kill you with her brain, too. So watch out.

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