max goes rambo on the domestic violence neighbors


rambo girlSaturday morning.

I am typing my little fingers to the bone. Getting work done that needs to be done. Now. Today. And also requires, you know, thought? Concentration? Serenity? Quiet?

And it starts.

The yelling.

Boom, all concentration is gone.

And today I lose it.

Today I slam out the door and slam slam slam Bad Neighbor Guy’s door because I am not sitting through this not again, not the three or four or five or however many hours this guy is going to go before I finally call the cops and shut him down.

Which maybe is not so smart it is March 3 and March 3 is supposed to be Suck Eggs Day and going head to head with Bad Neighbor Guy is probably a good way to get myself decked but I am so mad I am not thinking that I am just thinking, This stops now.

The woman answers the door. He is still screaming full volume. Into a phone? He is screaming that loud into a phone? Hell, he does not even need a phone at that volume, at that volume, they can hear him in Iowa without help from phonic devices. I say, I am not doing this today. You shut him up and shut him down and you do it now. She is excited and starts telling me something about credit cards going awry and he will settle down when that is resolved. I say, No, you turn him off now.

I come back to my place. Knowing I am going to have an adrenaline headache in a few hours. Being that mad always does that. Slams too much adrenaline into my system and leaves me with a hella headache after. Damn adrenaline.

But. Miraculously? He stops yelling.


21 Responses to max goes rambo on the domestic violence neighbors

  1. Good for you. Ice paks work miracles on adrenaline headaches. That or a good soak in bubble bath.

  2. aj

    Good work Adams. When you’re done, I have sketch of a little old lady I want you to track down and “visit”.

  3. Max is a force to be reckoned with!

    I’m ascared o’ you. :)

    Go Max, Go Max, Go Go Go Max!

  4. Maybe she could rent him out to yell at all credit card companies? That could be a public service. (As long as he’s not yelling next door to somebody.)

  5. Sure he was yelling at someone ‘ on the phone ‘.

    Sure he was.

    I can smell the shallow end of the gene pool from the other side of the world- and what I’m smelling now is NASTY.

    Be carefull Max- people like that are not normal.

  6. max

    You guys are funny. I hate drama. I hate being subjected to other people’s drama. I hate being subjected to it for so long I get angry enough I will walk up to a door to take on psycho guy. And you are cheering me on. You goofs.

    Anita, yeah, he is seriously off. Nasty vicious piece of work, that one.

  7. Sophia

    I know what this guy is. He’s a screenwriter. He’s a screenwriter with no inspiration. He knows who you are. He can hear you typing. He gets irritates. Jealous. Mad. He wants you NOT to write. What does he do? He screws your writing. He even blackmails Susan to scare the shit out of you. Let him hope. The sucker!

  8. max

    He is not a writer. He is a man losing money on a restaurant investment who is prone to psychotic breaks and rages.

    Why do I know he is losing money on a restaurant investment? Gee, I wonder.

  9. Let me guess. You overheard it.

  10. max

    You are so smart.

  11. We got revenge on our neighbours when they had a spate of particularly noisy party until some ungodly hour in the morning. We got up bright and early the next day and drilled. We didn’t drill anything in particular, you understand, we just drilled. We now seem to have reached a state of truce – no parties, no drilling.

    They’re not psychotic though. We just hide under the bedclothes when the psycotic woman from over the road starts standing in the street and shouting.

    Anyway, I’m very impressed.

  12. max

    Not drilling anything in particular, just drilling, that is very funny to me.

  13. I’d be scared quiet too if I heard some drilling next door. Brilliant.

  14. Sheesh, does the guy at least look like Marlon Brando?

    I’m surprised you don’t hear – “Stella! STELLA!”

  15. max

    He is gone. Yay! Yay! Yay!

  16. i get those when i get angry…the headaches..i avoid therefore things that anger me.

  17. max

    I try to do that too.

  18. i do not wish to fight with you is relationship death, but it sure helps the head.

  19. max

    Well, fighting is relationship death too if you do to much of it so I say go for the no headache option it is less painful.

  20. yeah, sometimes I’m right.

    random blonde is a cool feature…

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