max enters a contest


strider the dog by ken mctaggart

The Site : Clicks & Pix

The Contest : “Once a month I will be giving away a FREE PHOTOSHOOT. All you have to do is submit an email by the 20th of each month to qualify for the following month [500 words or less] explaining why you feel that you should receive a FREE PHOTOSHOOT from ClicksandPix Photography.”


The Letter :


Why the arbitrary one should win a free photo shoot….

Hmm. Good reasons I should win the photo shoot. Well, good for you, or good for me?

Good for you: The legs. Really. I have great legs.

Good for me: Photos. Doy.

Good for you: I look good on film. The shots will look good on your website. That will make you look good. People will hire you. You will get rich. Yay!

Good for me: Photos. Doy.

Good for you: I am pleasant company. This will make the shoot pleasant. Always a perk. Yay!

Good for me: [Tell me if you have heard this before?] Photos. Doy.

Good for you: Exposure. [No not that kind of exposure. Fresh!] I trot all over the net. People know me. They visit my sites. They will see you took my photo and come visit your sites. Cool, huh?

[Okay most of my friends are struggling artists so maybe not such a perk but work with me here.]

Good for me: Okay I am beginning to sound like a broken record I need a new reason. Oh, wait, I have it. I like Southern accents. It will be purrey Southern accent fun for me.

Did I mention the legs?

Love and Kisses,

That Adams Girl

PS: Do not forget the legs.


[I won]


where the art work comes from :
that is strider the dog by ken mctaggart

14 Responses to max enters a contest

  1. Dan

    Of course you won. Only a fool wouldn’t be swayed by your clever (and repeated) use of the word “doy.”

    The legs probably didn’t hurt…but I’m pretty sure it was the “doy.”

  2. Kym

    Doh, of course you won–witty, warm, and wicked. What’s not to like?

  3. max

    Good thing it was the “doy” ’cause I may have exagerrated a little on the legs.

  4. Dan

    Bah! I’m sure the legs are fine. But the “doy”–that’s where the real power lies.

  5. max

    Doyjitsu is a powerful art.

  6. Dan

    And you, no doubt, are a dangerous practitioner.

  7. aj

    I now expect to see the photos once they’re done.

  8. Doyjitsu? I must study this. The wiles of the Blonde Assassin are legendary. And, obviously, quite effective.

  9. Most importantly, what are you gonna wear?

  10. Hello Max, congrats on the free photo shoot. I look forward to working with you.

    If you have any ideas you want to create let me know. I have a few tricks up my sleeve that I think you will enjoy


  11. max

    Thanks, Ken, I look forward to it.

  12. Doyjitsu? That sounds good enough to stir fry and drown in soy sauce.

    Anyway, I too expect to see the results. Not to take away from your blonde wiles, but a cactus didn’t have anything to do with this, did it?

  13. yay, you won! Congrats.

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