max did radio -- well sort of


radioI did my radio interview —

With the guys at Screenwriter’s Utopia.

Bill Martell was there which was very cool. Bill and I have known each other online for years but have never actually spoken before. [If you can get your hands on a copy you should really read Bill’s book The Secrets of Action Screenwriting Bill gives brilliant instruction and advice on screenwriting.]

There is a podcast for people too lazy to tune in who want to recline eating grapes and listen at leisure : :::max does radio:::

[Grapes not included.]

I have to listen to it too to see what I sounded like. When you are doing an interview you are in the moment and after it is always a little scary to hear what you sound like.


:::max does radio:::
:::max did radio:::


*special thanks to chris wehner for inviting me and being such a nice host


where the art work comes from :
that is from south girl

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  1. You sounded great. You have one of those hypnotic type voices where you can just sit back, sip your coffee and listen to you recite the phone book if need be ha… good interview. I enjoyed it.

    And I agree about Bill’s book. What an invaluable resource

  2. Hey, I thought you would sound a bit more gravelly, smoky… street tough… :-) You sound great.

  3. Stiletto

    Max, you sounded hypnotic AND sexy.

  4. max

    Yay! Thanks Miss.

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