max and the sock monkey prognosticate


On Max’s Top Five —

Debunked Myths

1 : If a million monkeys on a million keyboards all typed at the same time sooner or later one of them would come up with Shakespeare.

Okay we know that is not true take a look at the internet. [Dumb mathematicians and their monkey theorems.]

2 : People in emergency situations behave like lunatics.

Definitely not true. Though this is a favorite scenario in film and television shows. Did you see the towers come down during 9-11? Did you hear the stories? Of people walking, calmly, quietly, grimly and single file without a scream or shove down stair flights in high rises on fire collapsing piece by piece into the street below and they knew it? Nobody panicked. Nobody pushed. Even a blind man made it down those stairs with his dog — after going back to save someone.

3 : If you go to trial your story will overnight be world news. Or even national news. Or even news at all.

Sorry. Only if you are a celebrity. Also, it really helps to be blonde. *1

4 : If you must face a difficult chasm crossing, it is best to do it teetering like a bad gymnast on a balance bar.

Okay that is totally stupid just stop that right now.

5 : If you tell the public there is something wrong the public will turn immediately into an insane mob panic will break out and you will have a bigger crisis than you started with.

This is a huge theory occurring regularly in film and TV just like the panic model in #3. It is total crap too. Watch film coverage of refuges “fleeing” a city. They walk. Watch 9-11 footage. People in groups are at their best during crisis. Mob scenes only happen when people are angry — or hungry.


*1 : See Martha Stewart, Paris Hilton, Britney Spears


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