max and aj give susan the snub


shoe wornWe are skipping Susan in June.

I have stuff going down I cannot jinx with Susan mayhem and Girl AJ says —

Okay I am leaving that part out.

But no Susan this month.


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  1. Susan? I’ve always wondered about the “People who suck” section…

  2. Kym

    I came out of lurking just to ask this question. What is the Susan story?

  3. max

    It is a long and tragic history:

    taking on susan

  4. aj

    Snubbing, we are. It’s about time too. That woman has kicked me to the curb one to many times.

  5. I do a mean tarot reading.

  6. The blue moon got me I don’t need a bunch of planets joining the party!

    OK Woe one of these days you’ll have to pull some cards but not in the jinx free zone…..

  7. max

    Tarot party yay!

    Not in the jinx free zone though.

  8. I’m staying away from her this month also. I’d rather not know what’s coming my way.

  9. max

    Fortunately you have the power of Max, Consort O’ the Stars [not those stars, pervs, the celestial stars, jeez] at your disposal. And The Stars say :

    There is great travel and adventure in your future. Also fun shopping and a whole lot o’ jet leg which you will have to get over because you have spiffy concerts to go to. Also, make Spanky draw pictures in Paris.

    [I do not know where The Stars get this stuff.]

  10. I promised not to pick on TB Guy- I did it once and I was about to do it again. But everyone in the world is doing it so I backed off

    I’m afraid of Susan- like she KNOWS things- secret things

    On a lighter noteI’m curious to see what happens when you lift the Jinx Free Zone – the thought boggles the mind.

    Whoa, the drama of it all.

  11. You have the power of Max, Consort O’ the Stars …. I always knew magik was happening over here…..

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  13. Well those magical powers are working, I’m spending quids today. Slept at 600 mph.

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