masculinity and the penis of confusion


male nudeI am talking —

Over at Stil’s place and ask if this guy who wandered in and got kind of rude got carded at the door. [My mouth gets me in so much trouble.] And his response is —


I guess from that I am supposed to get he has a penis he can whip out and that makes him a man.

A lot of guys are confused about this whole “I have a penis therefore I am a man” sitch. But here is the thing.

Insects have penises.

[They do you can look it up.]

So you have to ask, if even insects have penises, does having a penis make someone a man?

Me, I think having a penis just makes someone male.

You have to work harder to be a man.


*to be fair the :::unzips::: guy may just have a twisted sense of humor i am missing tonally but being fair is annoying to me pretend i did not do that


*i cannot find the artist for this image
if you know who that is by send email

8 Responses to masculinity and the penis of confusion

  1. I was afraid to click that “unzips” link [for a minute]

  2. Humm… I haven’t seen the comments, but it sounds to me that he wasn’t so much trying to prove his manhood, as to suggest that you should suck it.

  3. max

    Wow that would be really rude.

  4. It seems to me that using something that spends most of it’s time soft and hiding in the dark to back you up in a fight is pretty dumb.

    But that’s just me.


  5. “Looks like a penis. Only smaller.”

  6. Ok-my jaw hit the floor twice. First – that Max wrote about our host into the party! And second, WOEFUL!!!!

  7. max

    Still sees “unzips” and thinks, I wonder what that means? Oh well I am sure he is charming.

    I see “unzips” and think, You are so not taking your pants off in here just stop that right now.

    Woe sees “unzips” and thinks, He is saying “suck me,” where did you girls grow up convents?

    Woe so wins most worldly today.

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