martini this


You Are —

A Dirty Martini

You are a sexy, sometimes belligerent, over the top drunk.
You tend to get in a lot of trouble. When you drink, there are no rules.

You should never: Drink in the company of strangers. Seriously.

Your ideal party: Is so good you black out in the middle of it.

Your drinking soulmates: Those with a Margarita Martini personality.

Your drinking rivals: Those with an Orange Martini personality


:::what flavor martini are you:::


where the art work comes from :
that is from cowfish

where i nabbed that quiz :
i nabbed that at rain’s and she got the chocolate martini damn her

0 Responses to martini this

  1. I’m thinking of instituting Martini Fridays on the blog. There’s so much material.

  2. max

    I am still coveting the chocolate martini. I might have to rabble rouse.

  3. I’m also a dirty martini.

    I don’t even know what a dirty martini is, but i’m going to start introducing myself as one at office parties.

  4. petecrow

    ummm … i’m a chocolate martini — but fergodssake, how do they match that description with the name??

  5. Orange martini. Flirty, hmm..

  6. Carl

    I want to be a dirty martini, and sometimes I talk like one.

    But the reality is I am a light weight martini.

  7. max

    A dirty martini has a dash of olive juice in it.

    [Can you tell I tended bar in a former life?]

  8. I’ve never had a Martini.
    I’m not kidding.

  9. max

    A martini is just vodka or gin straight up. Usually with a touch of vermouth but you do not have to have the vermouth shake some vodka over ice and strain it and voila.

  10. So it’s fumes and the ice and vermouth just sort of hold it in your glass.

    I get it.

  11. SHAKE a Martini? Oh, max, you would have gotten no tip from me!

  12. max

    You would have tipped me your last dollar and been glad, glad I tell you, glad.

  13. You Are a Chocolate Martini

    You’re an elegant drunk, who only likes the best bars and the most expensive drinks.
    A bit of a cheapskate, you’re likely to mooch ten dollar drinks off both friends and strangers.

    You should never: Drink and dash. You’re gonna get caught leaving someone with the tab!

    Your ideal party: A posh celebrity party you crash, with an open bar.

    Your drinking soulmates: those with a Classic Martini personality

    Your drinking rivals: those with a Blueberry Martini personality

    What Flavor Martini Are You?

    I’ll trade chocolate for dirty, Max.

  14. max

    Well this is why we should drink together. Combined, we are a dirty chocolate martini.

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